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Trash Free Trails champions the cause of responsible outdoor access, impact reduction, and purposeful adventure. A relative newcomer of an organisation, they’ve already had a massive impact, becoming a well known name in the mountain biking community. As they take stock of what’s been achieved, and what challenges should be tackled next – and how – they’re holding a summit. It’s being broadcast on YouTube on Monday 4th July, and you’ll be able to engage with the event via live comments.


We’re excited to invite you to join us remotely for our second annual State of Our Trails Summit on Monday 4 July from 10 am.

The day will begin with the publication of the world’s first comprehensive review of the current scientific understanding of the prevalence and impacts of plastic pollution on recreational trail ecosystems.

The Summit will then broaden in scope with the aim of catalysing the creation of a global alliance of organisations with a stake in the sustainability of our recreational trails and wild places.

We welcome questions and interactions from the YouTube live stream, which we will pass on to the floor.

Head here to find about more about the speakers and summit schedule.

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  • Join The Trash Free Trails Summit Online!
  • stwhannah
    Full Member

    That was an interesting day out! Worth rewatching the live feed recording of the presentations, I think. Will try and distill some thoughts into words at some point!

    Free Member

    may be they want to look at afan and in glyncorrwg trails too some of the trail are not clean at all riders do not clean up the they crap too its not on.

    Free Member

    I think the point is that you look at it. They’re not litter pickers to be called out, they are all about people doing it themselves and educating others.

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