Long-awaited Glentress development begins next week

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A bit of a heads-up about some restrictions that will be in place as of May 16th. And a quick reminder about what’s in the pipeline for mountain bikers in and around Glentress trail network.

Next week (May 16th onwards) sees the grandly-titled ‘Glentress Masterplan delivery’ get underway after pretty much two years of Covid calamities. The main contractor (Robertson’s Construction) will begin working on the infrastructure and facility improvements at the site designed to “help maintain and enhance its standing as a major tourism destination.”

The Glentress Masterplan includes new in-forest mountain bike trails (designed by On Track) as well some more walking trails and an increase in visitor car parking capacity.

There will be some restrictions in place during the work.

The upper car park will be closed of. A two-way traffic system will be in place for accessing the site.

Safety signage and detours will be in place on the accessible trails.

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Paul Andrews-Garth, FLS Project Manager: “After long delays due to COVID, we’re finally getting going and it’s exciting to see things happening on the ground.

“Over the course of the next few months, we will be constructing a new activity area and new trails and trail features. We’ll also be bringing Glentress up to national and international race specifications that will make Glentress an attractive option as a venue for future events.

“We’ll also be expanding the upper car park and constructing a new access road and later in the year will refurbish and strengthen the Peel bridge and adding four new crossing bridges at various points.

“We appreciate that it has been a long wait for everyone and it’s great to be able to roll our sleeves up and finally get on with delivering the Masterplan.

“It’ll be a very busy few months and public safety will be a top priority. If visitors help us by following safety signage and following any advice or instructions from our on-site team, we believe we can get the work done without having to close any part of the site. However we will always reserve the right to close parts of the site if health and safety issues arise.”

Here at Singletrack we’re very much looking forward to seeing what changes occur. We’ve always had fun riding at Glentress and any excuse to get back up there is most welcome!

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  • Long-awaited Glentress development begins next week
  • David Donnan
    Full Member

    Anyone know when the last chance to ride the old skills area at Buzzard’s will be?….or have I already missed it. Feeling the need for one last spin there for the nostalgia of many hours mucking about there 🙂

    Full Member
    Full Member

    So, on a week when a mass of mountain bikers head up to Scotland, that is when they decide that work must start.

    Free Member

    Yup, top planning!

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