A Movie Double Bill For Eyes and Emotions

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We have two movies for you here, one from the Commencal Vee DH race team, and one from Vee Tire Co. One will require the close attention of your eyes, and one will require a little more engagement from your mind.

First up, a feast for the eyes – though some dizzying shots for those prone to vertigo. Eliott Lapotre takes to the incredible landscape of Oman for an adventure and some freeride action. It certainly looks like the mountains there could host a Red Bull Rampage.

After months without travelling, Eliott was more than happy to join the crew and get some vitamin D in the bank. I remember the first time I told him about Oman and the first thing he asked is were there any freeride lines? And could he bring his DH bike? We had no idea what to expect I just know they had big mountains and the Jabel Shams are pretty huge at 3300m high, but this trip was a complete adventure and Oman delivered more than we could imagine.

Eyes not yet fully used up? Have some more images from the trip, by photographer Popival:

Not Utah.
No soft landings.
A whole world of nope and eep.
The canyon gap looked a bit too big, and the landing was sketchy.

Eyes fully exercised? Now it’s time to engage the brain, with this mini-documentary film that charts the shift from privateer to pro team. Even with all the support in the world, things don’t always go to plan. But perhaps the important thing is how you get back on track again?

Dedicated Life is a web series about a riding family and a race team. From the birth of the team 5 years ago, travelling in a camper van and being a privateer with friends, to now having a professional race team and living the absolute dream! Through incredible moments and hard times during winter preparation and the upcoming season, follow Matteo Iniguez, Raphaël Iniguez, Jérôme Caroli, Siel Van Der Velden and Tom Cosse in the story of their lives, chasing the ultimate dream of being one of the fastest riders in the world. An original idea from Dorian Jouvenal & Matteo Iniguez.

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  • A Movie Double Bill For Eyes and Emotions
  • lightfighter762
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    Oman is a great place to ride in the winter. Been some great trail development the last 5 years. When I lived there I think I was the only person in the country with a boost enduro rig and a canyon sender for big mountain freeride.

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