Santa Cruz Megatower 2 joins the downtube storage gang

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The new Santa Cruz Megatower 2 remains a big travel 29in wheel enduro bike with the most progressive geometry to date. And a Glovebox.

Santa Cruz Megatower 2
Santa Cruz on the rocks

Santa Cruz Megatower 2 nutshelled

  • 165mm enduro 29er
  • 170mm fork
  • C and CC carbon flavours
  • ‘Glovebox’ downtube storage with “High quality fit and finish”
  • ‘Tool Wallet’ and ‘Tube Purse’ storage bags
  • 63.5° head angle
  • 77.5° seat angle
  • 472mm reach L, 492mm reach XL
  • Proportional chainstay lengths (437 to 448mm)
  • Lower leverage ratio: “more damping support for aggressive riding”
  • Straighter end-stroke: “improves bottom-out resistance”
  • Lifetime bearing replacement
  • 11 models in total
  • Prices range: £5,499 to £9,699+

We ain’t seen one in the flesh yet, let alone slung an enduro leg over one, so you’ll have to make do with select pretty piccies and Santa Cruz’s marketing dept’s finest copy…

Megatower 2 Press Release:

“When World Champs like Greg Minnaar and Jackson Goldstone aren’t on their office bikes, they’re often throttling a Megatower for all it’s worth. Because 165mm of VPP lower link travel is more than enough to feel just like the Syndicate. A ±63-degree adjustable head tube angle coupled to a 170mm fork and 29-inch wheels delivers the high-speed security of a downhill bike. Yet the 78-degree seat angle and size-specific geo maintain the Mega’s mega ability to climb, retaining its reputation as the perfect choice for knocking out big gravity rides and DH park laps.

That’ll do

“Look under the bonnet and you’ll discover a relatively low leverage ratio on the rear shock compared to our other bikes. This is engineered into the VPP kinematics to offer a more damped, controlled feel across longer travel ranges, meaning less faffing with your shock.

“Delve further still and you’ll notice hi/lo geo fine-tuneability, and even the option to use a 65mm stroke shock to boost rear travel to 170mm. Not that you’ll need it. But we’ve got you tweakers covered.

“But what about the cavernous Glovebox that allows for the safe stowage of whatever you need to enjoy your ride? Yeah that’s right, all your tools, spares and driving gloves are right within reach now. We aren’t the first to offer this, but our Glovebox is a highly engineered and distinctly refined interpretation of a downtube hatch. Just like the reassuringly weighty clunk of a car door and the gentle glide of a soft close kitchen cabinet, this feels just right.

“The all-new Megatower: near V10 performance in an up-down-repeat package.”

Megatower 2 specs

Megatower 2 geometry


Leverage ratio Megatower 1 vs 2


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  • Santa Cruz Megatower 2 joins the downtube storage gang
  • Premier Icon munkyboy
    Free Member

    £5500 for an nx build?

    Premier Icon Sharkattack
    Full Member

    Coming soon to Lady Canning’s plantation.

    Premier Icon whatyadoin sucka
    Free Member

    i always thought what a great idea, when my mate rocked up on his 2015 spec Camber.
    hopefully they’ll deliver onto the Tallboy or hightower.

    Premier Icon Enigmas
    Free Member

    Yikes, NX on a 5.5k build bike. I bought a stumpy evo this year for the same price that had X01 and much better suspension and it’s not like Specialized are known for being good vfm.

    Premier Icon chrismac
    Full Member

    Another SC bike that is massively expensive and does nothing innovative, just playing catch up with the industry. Im sure they will sell boat loads of them and they will be bike de jour in the Surrey Hills. PON shareholders must be laughing all the way to the bank at how they get away with it

    Premier Icon argee
    Full Member

    To be fair it’s just a slightly updated version, fitting in the same pricepoint as the V1 i believe, so it’s not really a new release, or model, just an update for this run of frames.

    Premier Icon Not dave
    Free Member

    Pricing on SC full builds has always been at the piss taking end of the scale but they’re outdoing themselves here.

    2021 x01 spec £6700
    2022 x01 spec £7400
    2023 x01 spec £8400

    other than the hole with a flap on the latest model there’s barely any difference between them

    Premier Icon chainbreaker
    Free Member

    other than the hole with a flap on the latest model there’s barely any difference between them

    I get the impression that they added it just to make the V2 stand out from the V1 megatower.

    Was hoping to see a high pivot VPP system or such like to bring the megatower closer to rivals like the specialized enduro or the new norco range.

    Premier Icon James
    Free Member

    TBF they’ve addressed the main complaint of the slack seat angle and brought it inline with how most people including me run their V1s (170mm fork and longer stroke shock). Everything else worked so didn’t really need to change it… just cut a hole in it and offer up some new hideous colours.

    Pricing is on the mental side but standard for SC.

    Premier Icon stevedoc
    Free Member

    Still much better money than some for a frame only option .. Trek slash at 4k .Yeti .Evil .I think its not far off point . But builds are shocking in price

    Done away with the rear flip chip , chainstays accross the range change , bearings for life not just five years like some Ali brand bikes .

    Premier Icon crustycrankypants
    Full Member

    very nice. coming to a surrey hill very soon!!

    Premier Icon rickon
    Free Member

    Still much better money than some for a frame only option .. Trek slash at 4k .Yeti .Evil

    Nope, it’s still poor value compared to the competition. You can buy an full Orbea Rallon SLX build for £3875.

    MegaTower frame only £3,699. Evil Wreckonling frame only £3,285.

    Trek have always been poor value for frame onlys, and Yeti is another price bracket up.

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