O say, can you see Fresh Goods Friday 597?

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Apologies in advance for any USA pricing. Hannah is on holiday and can’t figure out how to get UK websites to display on her laptop. Which now has a broken apple symbol on the top, not sure how that happened, sorry Team Tech/Mark/Zoe!

Scrub to the 21m09s mark for the awesome ‘America’ track

Oz Trails Swag

  • Price: A plane ticket
  • From: Sea Otter

Useful swag from Sea Otter, via Oz Trails, a trails network in Bentonville, Arkansas. They were at Sea Otter to promote the area – you may well have heard of the area already as it’s had a lot of investment in bicycle tourism. The Cyclocross Worlds were held nearby, there was a big women’s cycling festival in The Before Times, and there are financial incentives to encourage people to move to the area. Tempting, especially if you like the wider Arkansas thing – you can carry most types of gun, and you can file for divorce on the grounds of impotence or habitual drunkenness for at least one year. Which might be the same thing, in some cases.

Aeroe Voile Strap

Extremely useful swag from Aero, makers of the Spider Rack covered here. Voile straps (pronounced vol-lay) are super useful for strapping things down, holding things together, and generally being the fancy big brother to the cable tie.

Magura Torque Control Tool

Magura has been trying to educate its customers on how to get the best out of their bikes, and as part of that they’ve released this torque tool, which is particularly useful for tightening the compression olive on the brake. It needs to be tightened just so, or it will leak. And it’s a different setting to SRAM brakes. So, read the instructions, and use an appropriate tool, like this one.

WTB T-shirt

WTB is 40 years old this year and had a bunch of different promo items available at Sea Otter, including a whole array of Tie Dye T-shirts in different colours and patterns. Bike trivia fans: which other bike companies can you think of that have been going as long as WTB and is still privately owned?

Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive

This neat little Torque tool was revealed to us at Sea Otter by Lezyne, and will be available via UK distributor Upgrade. You can set it to a whole array of torque settings between 2 and 10Nm, and the kit comes with 2.5, 3, 4, 5 MM hex bits and T20, T25 Torx bits. Perfect for taking trailside faff to the next level.

Miles Wide Useful Bits

  • Price: $24.95 Rim Tape, $7.95 Rough Rides, $7.95 Cable Buddies, $35 Tubeless Shrader Valves.
  • From: Miles Wide

Miles from Miles Wide has invented lots of useful bits and bobs to tackle various things that annoyed him or he thought he could do better. And then he reinvested the money in making some bikes, under the name Mullet Cycles, which you might hear about if Hannah ever stops being on holiday. The Rim Tape is super stretchy, the Rough Rides stickers give your levers texture so you don’t slip off them in wet conditions, the Cable Buddies keep your cables tidy and come in different sizes for different diameters/types of cable, and the Tubeless Shrader Valves are compatible with inserts. Miles has compelling and persuasive reasons for why you should use all these things, is very New York, and amused Hannah a lot.

Crud Cloth

Billed as a more effective and environmentally friendly alternative to baby wipes, it’s basically a facecloth in a bag, with water and soap. You whack it about a bit when you want a shower after a ride but there aren’t any showers. And no, the packaging isn’t biodegradable, but they say they’re working on it.

Best Day Brewing Alcohol Free Beer

Surprisingly nice no alcohol beer, nice and fresh and hoppy-ish tasting rather than the sweet and ice-cream vanilla flavour 0% beers often have.

Pit Viper Hot Tropics Photochromic Sun Glasses

Are you loud enough for these? Is Hannah wild enough for these? We will see what her kids say when she gets home. These are photochromic lenses with 86-20% visible light transmission, and frames designed for use in a range of sports. You can adjust the length and angle of the legs for a closer fit around the face, and there’s a huge amount of coverage if you’r trying to keep bugs out of your eyes.

Handlebar Jack

Maybe you have a computer or e-bike display mounted to your bars. This set up prevents you scratching your computer – or snapping off your old-school over bar dropper post lever – when you need to turn your bike upside down. Which leads us to wonder, is turning your bike upside down a heinous crime, or is considering it a heinous crime just bicycle snobbery?

Continental Swag

  • Price: Miles of walking around Sea Otter
  • From: Continental

There is a ridiculous amount of swag to be had a Sea Otter, and not just for journo types. There are kids who go around trying to get as much free stuff as possible, and parents hauling it around in trailers, along with all the other things they’ve been persuaded to buy because it’s on special offer at the show. It’s a great event, but if you’re a parent, you’ve been warned!

Ripton & Co Winteralls

It turns out that it can be very cold in California. In Baywatch, they do not mention that California is 1.5 times the size of the UK, and that the weather up north is significantly cooler than the south. Nor that the ocean has been cooled by taking a trip to Alaska, and that the wind that blows over the ocean and onto the land is therefore bitingly icy. Brr. Luckily, Hannah deployed her dungaree radar, and procured these, despite international confusion over dungarees and overalls. They are cosy dungarees, made with a stretchy denim that feels like it’s two layers of fabric but is actually a single fabric with a clever weaving technique to give the heavy duty insulated feel without heaps of actual material or weight. They’re tapered at the bottom, so you can ride bikes without getting tangled in your chain, and there are stretchy straps, for extra stretch if you’re moving about lots.


  • Price: Bases £29.99 each (bar mount or stem cap), tripod £34.99, phone case £29.99
  • From: Ison Distribution

This new Fidlock range is one of those things that you really need to see to appreciate how great it is. The combination of a magnet and a suction cup really does create a vacuum, and your phone will not come off, no matter how hard you try… unless you push the little release tab. It’s brilliant. The phone cases are available in almost any modern phone you may have, and when not in use, it just looks like a normal case.

Ride Concept Tallac

We like Ride Concepts shoes. They’re one of the very, very few shoe brands who we’d consider a true rival to Five Ten. You can read all about flat pedal shoes in the new issue of Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine by the way.

MAX GRIP rubber. D3O insole. Elastic lace tidy. Bonded upper featuring Cordura mesh. Gusseted tongue keeps bits out. EVA midsole. Heel pull tab. Not sure we have an ensemble that this colour way (yes, colourway) will match though…

Singletrack Lockdown Old Van T-shirt Unisex Organic

NB: No longer has the sleeve print

Organic Cotton. The colour is Anthacite. No longer has the sleeve print.

Size Guide? We would suggest going up one size from your normal size. And, let’s be honest… are you really going to get slimmer now?

Thread of the Week

Congrats to @escrs for this forum post. Starts of innocuously enough, then takes something of a surprise turn…

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Sly’s best three minutes?

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  • O say, can you see Fresh Goods Friday 597?
  • Rubber_Buccaneer
    Full Member

    Mullet Cycles? Sure that name has popped up before.

    Oh yes, very entertaining 😀

    Another Sick! brand? Mullet Cycles

    Full Member

    That Crud Cloth …
    For years I’ve taken a damp flannel in a tupperware box in the back of the car for winter rides. Damp the flannel with boiled water in the morning and you’ll have a warm cloth to wipe your face after riding.
    Only now have I learnt it is a branded thing and not just a damp flannel!

    Full Member

    I just saw “Free Beer”!

    Full Member

    Only now have I learnt it is a branded thing and not just a damp flannel!

    You could have made your fortune by now. Might have needed some more sophisticated branding than “not just a damp flannel” though.

    Full Member

    cheaper and less garish Pit Vipers available in all good hardware stores…


    Free Member

    I tried to like the Pit Vipers but their lenses give me a headache. The mudslinger 🙁

    Free Member

    “not just a damp flannel”

    Haven’t such things been available for quite a while?

    Free Member

    Sly’s best three minutes?

    Possibly not……….

    Full Member

    Now I do try not to be one of the How Much? brigade, folks can splash the cash in whatever way they please, but it the price of that Magura torque rench isn’t a typo that’s redonkulous.

    Full Member

    Flask of hot water and a small towel, very refreshing. Obviously you have to remember to take it with you but that’s the same with all kit. A lot more sustainable than a wet-wipe in a plastic bag.

    Full Member

    Now I do try not to be one of the How Much? brigade, folks can splash the cash in whatever way they please, but it the price of that Magura torque rench isn’t a typo that’s redonkulous.

    I had to scroll back and check the price again, so mad! But I guess it gets your olives sorted…………………..

    Full Member

    guess it gets your olives sorted

    I could be tempted by the $20 bit that has the cutout but reality is I’ve not had a problem using a spanner

    Full Member

    but reality is I’ve not had a problem using a spanner

    I simply use cocktail sticks

    Full Member

    @snooze I stand by my choice 🙂

    Full Member

    @Matthew Hornby

    Magura tool… based on the bottom of the packet it is a rebranded CDI product (owned by Snap-On)


    catalogue page 103:

    The CDI branded product is quite a bit cheaper! 54 bucks!

    Free Member

    For some reason we were given a screenshot rather than a link to TOTW, WHY??? A firing squad offence in my book.
    Anyway here it is: https://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/dt-swiss-xm1491-wheels/

    Full Member

    Yes, turning your bike upside-down is a heinous, nay egregious, crime. It marks you out as a rank beginner with no respect for your machine whatsoever. The sole exception is placing upside-down bikes across a trail to indicate an accident has happened. IMHO.

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