Fresh Goods Friday 596 Good Friday Edition! Goodness.

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Here we are, sliding into the weekend early! It’s Good Friday and Hannah is still in America bike-bothering, Amanda is off to the Cairngorms to play ‘It’ll Go’ on her new test bike, Charlie is heading to Devon to upset everyone there… and the rest of the team are decorating eggs together on a canal boat.

It’s been a busy week here, but we’ve got through it, because it wasn’t a full week. Starting the Good Friday Fresh Goods Friday Goodness, here’s Jack White on the slide guitar. That can be our theme… People named Jack, playing slide guitar.

Lauf Seigla

  • Price: £2,890 – £5,350 depending on model (ours is the base model)
  • From: Lauf

OK, so possibly not that fresh after Hannah’s ridden it for miles in Iceland and Calderdale, but it’s new to the world. The Seigla (Icelandic for resilience), is the new bike from Lauf, which retains the overall geometry of the True Grit but adds tyre clearance and frame compliance for a fast and comfortable ride. Check out Hannah’s review over here.

Singletrack Forum Bottle Opener

Charlie says… The Singletrack forum really is one of the most amazing corners of the interweb. Where else can you find practical information on not only bikes but also removing Sudocrem from a cat? One danger with the forum is the very real risk of tumbling down a rabbit hole of wisdom/wisdumb without being properly prepared.  With your forum wellbeing in mind we have developed this near essential forum tool.

It is a quality stainless steel bottle opener that subtly reminds you why you are using the forum.  What’s more, at a generous 180mm length it boasts one of the best beverage to leverage ratios in the kitchen. Hold on, that doesn’t rhyme. Either read it in an American accent and say “beverage to leather-age”, or an English accent and “beaver-age to leverage”… but that just sounds wrong.

Race Face Atlas Flat Pedals 2022

Kash Money

The all new Atlas Pedal features a sleek new body design. Aimed for Downhill, Enduro, All-Mountain and eMTB, the pedals have a wide, thin, and concave alloy body with a Cro-Mo axle on oversized cartridge bearings and bushings.

Race Face Ride Pedals

The Race Face Ride pedal features a slim nylon composite platform, a concave and lightweight design, and moulded pins give you all the grip you need without risk of damaging your shoes or shins. Available in 9 colours, somehow we ended up with black!

Hope Technology Pick and Mix Headset

  • Price: ZS44/28.6 Type 2 £40, EC44/40 Type H £40.50, Head Doctor Expander £19.99
  • From: Hope Tech

Bought for Amanda’s new bike, these headsets were chosen for the quality of Hope Tech components, and the ease of purchase. Pick and Mix parts selected from the same drop-down menu on sites such as CRC and Wiggle are great if you really don’t enjoy online shopping, and just want it over with.

Michelin Mud Enduro Tyre

29 x 2.35 weighing ~1050g, the Michelin Mud Enduro tyre is designed for… any guesses? The road! Jokes. It’s a mud tyre. Just in time for summer.

Peaty’s x Chris King Tubeless MK2 Valves

Integrated valve core remover cap & spoke key tubeless valves, available in 12 colours. Made in collaboration with Chris King. We think the Chris King input is no more than a logo and approval of the colours, but we may be wrong.

Continental Tyres

  • Price: Pricing starts at €59.95. UK pricing TBA.
  • From: i-Ride

There’s a full press release for these tyres here.

Laylo e-bike Display Mount

Occupying that category of ingenious designs that are so simple but potentially brilliant that you wonder why nobody has ever done this before comes the Laylo e-bike display mount. Designed for the Bosch Purion digital display and controller to mount it in a less vulnerable position on the side of your stem rather than on top of your bars, with the use of a shim, it can be used for pretty much any digital controller, gps or even phone. Sanny has already been using it on a Specialized e-bike he has been riding and is liking the fact that he can rest it on the bars without breaking another display controller again (not that he has done that  before, of course – once would be clumsy, twice would be plain daft).

Stravaig Torsa Bumbag

This neat little bag from newcomer Straviag is their first foray into the bikepacking market and it bodes well for future products. It features a 3 litre roll top compartment and a zipped pocket for quick access to smaller items. It can be used around your waist, on your handlebars or in combination with a handlebar harness and dry bag. It comes supplied with 2 x Voile 9″ nano straps for attachment to handlebars. Available in a range of colours to match your riding outfit of the moment.

Skypilot Jacket

Occupying the rarefied air where bikes meet mountains and you need a jacket for every weather condition rests the 7mesh Skypilot jacket. Built around Gore’s 3 layer Active shell for maximum breathability and weighing only 250 g. the jacket has a helmet compatible hood and two proper hand pockets that aren’t mesh lined but feature waterproof fabric on the inside. Sanny has been ragging the heck out of this particular jacket in the mountains and will report back soon with a detailed review.

The Trespasser’s Companion

  • Price: £14.99
  • From: Hive

Many of you will have read Nick Hayes’ earlier book ‘The Book of Trespass’. This follows up on that theme, in a call to action. It pulls together the words and agendas (agendum?) of various people and groups with an interest in outdoor access in England, and collectively it’s a call to action. In the introduction it says ‘you can get angry or you can get organised’. This book might make you do both.

Singletrack World Issue 142

By now, subscribers should have started receiving their magazine in the post. That means the Digital, Kindle, PDF and all the extras are available now. The Classic Ride GPX could be your Bank Holiday Weekend plan?

Every week we running a competition over on Instagram to win a free subscription to Singletrackworld (or some other item of merchandise if you’re already a subscriber/member). Simply tag your riding pics with #STWFGF on Instagram and… that’s it.

We sift through the tagged candidates at the end of each week and pick a winner. The winning #STWFGF pic gets proudly displayed in Fresh Goods Friday.

Congratulations to Graham Golledge for this cracking shot! It just makes us excited for a weekend of dry trails. Please email to claim your prize.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 596 Good Friday Edition! Goodness.
  • rickon
    Free Member

    The all new Atlas Pedal features a sleek new body design

    That looks exactly like the old one, just hope the bearing sealing is improved so they don’t last a couple of hours of riding!

    Free Member

    Don’t have an ebike, might never get one. Who knows?
    Don’t have a bike computer. Had one once, might never get another one.
    Don’t have a smartphone. Dumb builders phone, lives in a pouch on my bag strap. When I get a smartphone will probably buy a bigger pouch.
    But that display mount, that’s proper ingenious. Nothing difficult, just a different way of thinking about things.
    I do expect others to steal the concept.

    Full Member

    That looks exactly like the old one

    40 sheets each time for the rebuild kit. Never again.

    Full Member

    Is that Ricky Gervais?

    Full Member

    £27 for valves? When did that become a thing?

    Tom Howard
    Full Member

    £27 for valves? When did that become a thing?

    Positively good value…

    Reserve Fillmore valves

    Full Member

    Depressingly, not as recently as you might think.

    Odd how much cheaper they are attached to an inner tube. Also who is ever going to use the spoke key valve cap? It’s the cycling equivalent of that thing for getting stones out of horses hooves or a leather needle on a pen knife.

    Tom Howard
    Full Member

    I think it’s more that the valve core remover happens to work as a spoke key, not that someone thought that needed to be a thing.

    Full Member

    @tomhoward looking at the images I think they’re distinct, so one cap does spokes, one does valve cores and I’m pretty sure my spoke keys wouldn’t fit a valve core.

    Happy to be wrong but the only way I can see the core remover working on nipples is it was made the wrong size. Of course that could easily be the reason.

    Full Member

    That’s funny, I was listening to the excellent Jack Pearson last night. If you want to hear more then here he is with slide guitarist extraordinaire Derek Trucks of Tedeschi Trucks Band. But it’s all about Jack Pearson’s playing so make some time cos it’s 31 minutes long:

    Full Member

    £160 for pedals 😳……

    Fursty Ferret
    Full Member

    That computer mount looks, if anything, even more vulnerable than out front. My knees come pretty close to the bars sometimes.

    David Gould
    Free Member

    @fursty ferret

    Having tested it, I can safely say that it is a lot less vulnerable than the on top of the bars mount. I had an OTB and the screen was entirely undamaged even though the bike went end over end.



    Full Member

    fancy metal valve caps my arse… replaced my Rimpact ally caps with old plastic ones, after they seized on the valves. One of them unscrewed the valve core when i took the cap off, deflating the tyre!

    Full Member

    Check out Hannah’s review over here.

    No link? In my browser anyway…

    Full Member

    I think it’s more that the valve core remover happens to work as a spoke key, not that someone thought that needed to be a thing.

    Been a thing for ages. Got a crappy old steel 6-way one of these I use as a valve core remover. And occasionally a spoke key if I can’t find the Spokey.

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