The Longest Climb: 1600m on a handcycle

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We’ve talked before to Bowhead bikes founder Christian Bagg about the development of the Bowhead trikes. Ebike technology is allowing him not just to make throttle assisted machines, but also hand cycles, where the rider gets a workout just like any other ebike rider. Or perhaps – given the relative size of arms to legs – more of a workout.

Bowhead bike handcycle

In this video, Christian attempts to hand cycle up Triune Mountain on the latest prototype of the Bowhead RX. The mountain stands at 2600m (8500 ft) and the loose, steep, gravel climb starts at 1000m (3280 ft), with a total of 1600m (5250ft) of climbing laying in store for him.

“I was a mountain biker before I was injured and wanted to be a mountain biker after I was injured. But the technology just wasn’t there.” – Christian Bagg

“My vision was to make this handcycle mountain bike. From the very first prototype of the RX is about an 8 year gap before technology caught up.” – Christian Bagg

This summer the Bowhead Team turned a concept drawing in to the bike that’s available today.

The bike we’ve got today has the tried and tested unique articulating design that allows the bike to traverse cambered terrain. But it also has the benefit of components such as the Bosch Motor providing pedal assistance, opening up so many more doors for adventure. The wireless shifting of SRAM AXS along with all the other amazing componentry that are available today. So much technology came together at the perfect time to build the Perfect Handcycle Mountain Bike.

Bowhead bike handcycle
Sky hooks?

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  • The Longest Climb: 1600m on a handcycle
  • Premier Icon Kayak23
    Full Member

    That’s so cool. Amazing bit of kit.
    Looks like insanely hard work on the arms, assistance or not! 😳

    Premier Icon malv173
    Full Member

    Awesome stuff! Love the honesty of the edit. And those trikes are amazing.

    Premier Icon brakestoomuch
    Full Member

    Fornicate with a water bird, that looked like hard work! That’s one hell of a way to test the prototype.

    Premier Icon pmurden
    Full Member

    It’s people like this who inspire you no matter what they do. What a dude and what a great bit of kit too.

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