Podcast: Isla Short – Factory Racing with integrity

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Isla Short is doing things differently. Rather than chasing a Factory Team signing and riding whichever products that salary comes with, she’s hand picking her sponsors. It means more admin for her, but it also means she never has to pose for social media posts with a product she doesn’t believe in.

Just as she was about to announce her headline sponsor, Hunt Wheels, and fly out to Spain for her first race of the season (in which she came 4th!), we caught up with her to chat about believing in what you’re doing, plus the importance of physical and mental health when you’re chasing medals.

Image credit: Pete Scullion

If Isla ever needs a double, we can volunteer our Amanda.
There’s the Greatest Of All Time pic right there.

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    “There’s the Greatest Of All Time pic right there.”

    That is Missey Goat (and Ria in the right) — she was very pregnant at the time of the picture and had triplets a few days later. All are doing well.
    She is a bit grumpy and nippy at the best of times and obviously fancied a nibble of Isla!

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