Buy your own adventure: Win a £500 Altura Voucher with Singletrack!

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Winning free stuff is always great, but you might not win the thing you really needed. Perhaps you win shorts, when you already have plenty. Or a nice white pair of shoes, when you live in the UK. And cash prizes are all very well, but there’s always the niggling feeling you should put it towards a new boiler, or fixing that mystery clonk on the car, instead of treating yourself to something you want. For this competition, there are no such worries. The lovely folks at Altura are giving you the chance to win a £500 voucher to spend on whatever takes your fancy from the Altura range – and it’s quite a range. Let’s have a look at a few things that you might want to choose, should you win.

Altura re-entered the mountain bike market this year with its Adventure range of clothing designed for the UK mountain biker who wants to get out and explore the trails without looking like they’ve joined a factory race team. As well as looking stylish in a range of jewel and earth tones, the clothing is built for the UK elements. Tested by UK riders, there are jackets for wet days, jackets for breezy days, and a range of layers you can add underneath to meet the varying demands of the invariably demanding British weather. For your lower half, there are options of shorts or trousers, again with different options for dry or wet conditions.

Check out the Altura Adventure Range here:

Perhaps you’ll be wanting somewhere to carry an extra layer – or maybe a whole outfit, plus a sleeping bag, and a hearty dinner too. Altura has long been known for its functional luggage options, and this year has added to its load carrying line-up with its latest Vortex 2 bike packing luggage. You could pick just a top tube bag for pack-free quick spins, or add a saddle pack or frame back to give room for that jacket you might need once you get to the top of that hill, over there, where that black cloud is. Will you fill the bar mounted bag with easy access snacks for an extra long challenge ride – the Dirty River perhaps? Or will it contain your PJs and sleeping bag for when you arrive at a bunkhouse far from home? Whatever you choose, the Vortex 2 range is waterproof, so your sandwiches and socks won’t get soggy.

Speaking of socks, if you’ve got £500 to spend, you might well want to throw in a few clothing accessories and essentials too. How about some nice Merino socks for your feet, and some windproof Nightvision gloves for your fingers? Perhaps your bib shorts are wearing a bit thin – will you choose optimistic shorts for summer, or grit and determination thermal tights for winter?

Whatever you choose, Altura has committed to improving the environmental impact of its products. They’ve switched packaging to potato starch bags instead of plastic, and clay balls instead of silica gel to keep things dry in transit and storage. Thanks to a manufacturers’ handbook that stipulates details down to thread types and stitch length, products are made to the same exacting standards wherever they’re made, and products are checked for quality before they leave the factory, meaning any issues are identified at source. There are no products just for the sake of it – everything is designed for a specific purpose, often at the suggestion of one of their product testers. For every design, it will be determined how breathable, ergonomic, windproof, thermal, reflective and waterproof an item needs to be. Those 6 ‘pillars of design’ are tailored in each item’s intended and specific use.

What would you put on your dream shopping list? Check out all Altura’s products here – and if you do get tempted to just press ‘buy’, orders over £50 get free delivery here in the UK. Now, if you’re done browsing and imagining yourself spending that £500 Altura voucher, you’d best get entered into our competition so you’ve got a chance of turning this daydream into reality.

To enter our competition to win, simply answer the question below by 28th February 2022. If you win, you’ll be able to spend it on any full price items on the Altura website.

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  • Buy your own adventure: Win a £500 Altura Voucher with Singletrack!
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