Singletrack MegaSack Countdown 2021 Day 1 – Magura MT5 Brakes

by 21

It’s the first day of our amazing countdown to New Year giveaway. Every day in December we’ve got a prize to give away, with a duplicate of each daily prize going into the Megasack – a giant pile of bike goodness, containing one of everything we’ve given away each day. Tune in every day to maximise your chances of winning!

win magura mt5 brakes

Magura MT5 Brakes and Rotors

The MT5 is Magura’s entry level gravity brake for enduro, home trail riding, or e-bike riding. Both ends have 4 pistons, promising plenty of braking force and modulation for control. Here to win you have the 2-finger Carbotechture lever blade, but if you wanted to you could retrofit one of Magura’s various lever options, including ‘1 Finger XC Loic Bruni’ specials.

Reach adjust is via a Torx T25 key, and there’s Easy Bleed Technology to keep your brakes in top performing condition, with mineral oil based ‘Royal Blood’ brake fluid. They’re super easy to fit, with a completely split clamp so you don’t need to take your grips off to fit them – or flip them if you’ve got European or American friends who ride with their brakes the other way round, as there’s no left/right front/rear difference.

Each brake weighs 255g. 203/180mm brake rotors are included, so this is all you need to get rolling – and stopping! This prize bundle of brakes plus rotors is worth £238!

Find out more on the Magura website here

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How do I enter?

Log in to reveal the entry form in this story and answer the question you’ll find there. The answer you seek will be in the video above.

Answering the daily question gives you two chances to win: you’ll be entered into the daily draw for that day’s prize; and you’ll also get one entry into the MegaSack draw.

Every time you correctly answer a daily question and enter a daily draw, you get another entry into the MegaSack. You can go back and enter the daily answers after that daily prize has been drawn, and it will still give you an extra entry into the MegaSack draw. We will pick a winner at 3pm the following day for each prize so you have until 3pm the day after each video is published to enter that day’s prize draw.

The rules are strictly one member one entry/day. If we detect any attempt at multiple daily entries we will remove all those users entries from the draw.

And another thing… Really sorry to our overseas readers but we can only send prizes to a UK address. If you have a friend or an address you can use in the UK for a prize then by all means enter.

If you are reading this message and wondering where the question is, then you are mostly likely not logged in. If you don’t have an account then just head to our login page and come and join us! log in

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  • Singletrack MegaSack Countdown 2021 Day 1 – Magura MT5 Brakes
  • Mark
    Full Member

    Woohoo! and we’re off! Standby for 29 daily, slick and professionally presented videos to give away over £10k of gear. This year our sack is fatter than ever!

    Full Member


    Full Member

    Awesomeness thanks ST 🙂

    Full Member

    … slick and professionally presented videos…

    What? GMBN are doing a Christmas giveaway too? 😜

    Full Member

    Glad to hear you’ve got a fat sack Mark. Hopefully you’ll have enough stamina to be able to control the discharge so it lasts 24 days!

    Free Member

    WooHoo! Part of my daily double dose of hope-followed-by-disappointment alongside the PB advent calendar!

    I much prefer the great videos you do for us though.

    Cheers all!

    Full Member


    Full Member

    Is the video playing for others? Just got the spinning wheel of waiting, so nothing to play.

    Full Member

    Borked for me too

    Full Member

    Seems to work fine in Chrome – which I don’t use to browse the site and wasn’t logged in…but I’ve seen it now, ta.

    I sense there may be a random question so I’m going to have to take notes so I can check back.

    Full Member

    Got the spinney wheel of waiting on this site too,  it is up on you tube though so was able to watch it there and put the answer in here

    It’s the annual mega sack and wham-ageddon to me that means christmas is near

    Full Member

    Good luck everybody

    Especially ME 😜😜

    Full Member

    slick indeed……spinney wheel of failure

    Full Member

    Having a problem as I use Firefox and the video isn’t showing at all on the web page.

    Full Member

    You can view it on our YouTube channel

    Full Member

    I bet Ant and Dec are bricking themselves 🙂

    Full Member

    @IHN you ‘aint seen nothing yet.

    If anyone has not yet entered you have until 3pm on the following day for each prize to enter in order to win it. But even if you miss that cut off it’s still worth entering for the MegaSack draw.

    Full Member

    When is day 2 out out MEGASACK!!!

    Full Member

    It’s the only thing I look forward to in the year. Last year I didn’t win anything. This year I got no hope in hell of winning anything. Buts it’s a good way to spend 5 mins of your daily life. Ogling at stuff you will never own. Merry Xmas everyone and a very happy new year. Can’t be as bad as 2020 and 2021. Now get out on your bikes and ride something new. And I might just catch you out there. !!!

    Full Member

    Day 2 is scheduled for 5pm.. We are going to try and stick to that schedule. Don’t worry… Day 2 is being prepared as I type and we have our Day 1 winner 🙂

    Free Member

    Can’t be as bad as 2020 and 2021

    You know everyone said 2021 would be better than 2020…

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