RockShox Zeb – Editors’ Choice Awards 2021

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The Singletrack Staffers pick the standout products and locations from their riding year. This article was originally published in Singletrack Magazine Issue 140.

The year has felt a little like approaching that nemesis feature on the trail: you roll up to it full of optimism, then at the last minute pull on the brakes in an attack of ‘nope’. Whether it was a ping that put paid to yet another plan, or a shipping container that didn’t arrive as expected (by now, perhaps, that should be ‘as expected, a shipping container didn’t arrive’), we had plenty of interruptions along the way. However, our northern hills had an unusually dry summer, so we managed a decent spell of short-sleeved riding on our doorstep, and there were a few chances to get further afield that we grasped and enjoyed. Like that trail feature, once we cleared it, the elation at meeting friends, riding new trails and generally enjoying bikes was all the sweeter. 

Ross – Ad Sales

Another year done and dusted! It doesn’t feel like 12 months since I wrote my last Editors’ Choice, and a lot of my sentiments remain the same. While there still hasn’t been any exotic foreign riding, I’ve managed to ride a good amount this year. The local trails have seen almost daily action and I’ve managed to squeeze in a good few trips to the Lakes, along with a bit of riding north of the border. It’s always easy to want more – longer tracks, bigger hills – but these last couple of years have shown that you don’t need to travel far to get top drawer riding.

RockShox Zeb

I’ve said it plenty of times before, and I’ll say it again, but a good fork (along with good brakes) makes all the difference to how a bike rides and can make or break a ride. A good fork lets you push on in fast and rough or steep terrain and not be fearing for your front teeth. For me, the Zeb is top of the tree. 

Being lucky enough to ride and test quite a bit of different kit, I’ve had the chance to ride a few different forks this year from various top names and in various different guises, but for me the Zeb is still the winner. I’ve got one fitted to the front of my own bike and whenever I get back on it after riding test bikes, it just feels right. 

The Zeb is really plush off the top, offering great small bump sensitivity, yet stays nice and high in its travel and offers loads of support for pushing into turns and shonky landings. While there are other forks out there that may be slightly plusher, or offer more adjustability, the Zeb does everything well and has all the features you need, without being overly complicated. It performs amazingly, is easy to get set up, and after a year of hard riding still feels amazing and reassuring every time I get on it. 

Read Ross’ full review of the RockShox Zeb here:

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Ross Demain

Ad Sales Manager

Ross pairs his childlike excitement for bikes with a complete disregard for the wellbeing of his ribs, or his rims. Best known for riding cheeky trails, his time is also spent trail building in his local woods, drinking beer, eating pies and entertaining his two children.

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