Best STW Article – The Finalists

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We’re revealing the Finalists in each of the Singletrack Reader Awards 2021 categories. Thanks to all of you for your nominations, and to our awards sponsors, Kona Bicycles. Here’s who made the cut for the Best Singletrack World Article.

Which article, published in our magazine or on, gave you pause for thought, a moment of laughter, or just a good dose of escapism? This award will be awarded to the writer and photographer (or maybe the multi talented individual who did all the work) who delivered the goods and made an impression this year.

Access Rights: Be Nice, Say Hi, Ask Why, by Hannah.

Hannah got a bit cross and impatient about access rights, and questioned what the restrictions are protecting – the land? Nature? Assets? Staying just about the right side of a rant, she wrote her thoughts down and the response in the comments section suggests she’s not alone.

Kiwi Beervet, by Tony Hutcheson.

Published at a time when most of couldn’t travel, go to the pub, or ride in groups, this story combined all three in an entertaining tale of a ride with friends doing silly things. Capturing many of the best bits of a great bike adventure – good fortune, misfortune, and unplanned detours – we laughed along, admired the scenery, and for a few pages escaped the confines of our own situations.

Wrongpacking, by Amanda. Photography by James Vincent.

Amanda was supposed to be packing light and going for a pared back bivvy up a mountain to prove that bikepacking doesn’t need beards and loads of bags. We got that, but we also got a humorous tale of compound mistakes interspersed with impressive resilience, wrapped up in the warmth and support of good friendships. A proper mountain adventure on a proper mountain bike ride.

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It’s all down to you, the public, to decide who wins each category – there’s no funny business or back room cheques. So enjoy our coverage of the finalists, and be sure to vote for your favourites. Voting will open on 18th October, and close on 1st November.

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  • Best STW Article – The Finalists
  • Premier Icon adrian adams
    Full Member

    Would be good to know which issues these appeared in so we could go back and read them to make our opinion up (rather than trawling about trying to find them)

    Premier Icon Kendo
    Full Member

    Wrongpacking, with runner up prize to Beervet.

    (Hannah has included links to all the articles BTW)

    Premier Icon adrian adams
    Full Member

    Ah, don’t know if they were up before (or I was still half asleep), will go and do some research/reading before I vote, cheers

    Premier Icon Hannah Dobson
    Full Member

    @aide I’d originally made the headings as links to the articles, but hadn’t realised they weren’t obvious, so I poked it a bit!

    Premier Icon adrian adams
    Full Member

    @stwhannah, thanks for clearing  that up, thought it had changed a bit but was still bleary-eyed when I first read it

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