MissAdventures, the Scottish MTB Group for Young Women

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MissAdventures is a MTB group for young women in the Scottish Borders. The group, started by Chris Bryant, Aneela McKenna and Caroline McKaig is aimed at women between 12-18 years old. The group have just released a video about the group and its aims and goals. Here’s a little look at what MissAdventures is.

If you’re based in Scotland, the group are hosting a fun day in Peebles on 24 July. The event includes first aid, a well-being circle, bike skills and a bike litter pick up polo.


How MissAdventures Got Started

Chatting to Aneela about the group and why it was started she said:

MissAdventures came together because of three friends with a shared passion to increase the gender diversity of mountain biking at an early age. We know the drop out of girls is double that of boys when they hit their teenage years and we have seen this happen locally in our local cycling clubs. The problem we have then is that the younger generation start getting interested and have fewer role models to look up to.

When girls are in a minority they’re also less likely to stay committed unless they have the ability to ride at the same pace/level as the boys. So they drop and we don’t see them again. So that’s we why wanted to set this up and create a community that combines girls already active in cycling with total newbies. They can be supportive and help our newbies grow in confidence to help them see that cycling is for them. And hopefully this will help them stick with it and reap the rewards that cycling gives us all.

Aneela Mckenna

For more, check out the MissAdventures Facebook group.

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  • MissAdventures, the Scottish MTB Group for Young Women
  • Premier Icon rona
    Full Member

    Such a fantastic idea. Great video – looks to be a welcoming, fun and inclusive environment run by great role models. Wishing them all the best with this venture. 👍 😃

    Premier Icon Steve
    Full Member

    There was a similar video on here a while back for a similar group out Vancouver or Washington state way.

    Looks fantastic

    Premier Icon Scott Biles
    Full Member

    Good on them, keep up the good work!

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