Gee Atherton Crash

Here’s What Happened with Gee Atherton’s Massive Crash

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Earlier today, Atherton Racing sent out a press release that detailed exactly what happened with Gee’s massive crash. He broke 11 bones, it was one of the biggest crashes of his career. Here’s the story…

Gee Atherton Crash

A Crash Whilst Filming

On Friday 18th June, Gee Atherton was filming near Dinas Mawddwy for his latest big mountain project. During this, he suffered the biggest crash of a career that has been characterised by huge crashes! The film was to be the 3rd instalment of a series that kicked off with December’s Ridgeline and continued with Slateline. In the planned edit, Gee took on a new ridgeline complete with huge jumps and as ever, zero margin for error.

People think that Gee’s wild because of the scale of the stuff he’ll take on and those huge crashes, but most of the time he won’t do something until he thinks he can do it easily.

Dan Atherton

Falling Over 100 Foot

On the day of the shoot, conditions were fine, the Atherton DH bike was set up perfectly. The atmosphere on the hill was relaxed, but a moment’s miscalculation saw Gee fall over 100 feet down a slate outcrop. He bounced off the cliff with such force that he broke his femur, radius, ulnar, 6 ribs, his nose and fractured his eye socket. He was severely concussed. Doctors worried about possible damage to his lung, but true to form, Gee is making a rapid recovery without lasting damage.

Gee Atherton Crash

I completely buried myself, I can’t thank everyone enough. From the crew who kept my spirits high while they steadied me on that ledge. To the paramedics, the Aberdyfi Search and rescue team that winched me off the mountain, the air ambulance who transferred me to the hospital. As well as the fantastic surgeons at the Royal Stoke University Hospital who put me back together.​ Darren Roberts and Altius Healthcare are taking turns to bully me into rehab. I’ll be back on the bike and making more edits before you know it. I wanted to share this edit as a tribute to those guys for getting me back on track and to document the first stages of my recovery. Warning: contains crash footage, I can barely watch it

Gee Atherton
Gee Atherton Crash

We’re hoping Gee has a speedy recovery! Follow him on his Instagram for more.

Video: Gee Atherton’s New Ridgeline Jump Line Is Massive

Video: Gee Atherton in Slate Line Rampage

Gee Atherton Hospitalised After Crash Whilst Filming

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Comments (6)

    Good to see no permanent damage that’ll keep him off the bike, but that’s a hefty old crash that’ll put some limits on life in the future, think i’d be up for more blue and red stuff after a crash like that, fair do’s if he gets back and hits big stuff, but don’t think anyone would blame him for focusing on the brand and the park for a while!

    Huge eh, pretty scary! I imagine he’ll be back when he’s ready, but never say never. Glad he walked away from that one.

    You and keep crashing like that and getting away with it. It’s time to tone it down a bit.

    You know when a crash was The One.
    His limit for acceptable consequences is just a lot higher than most peoples, so still seeing himself as a big lines rider is good for his mental health at this point, not so sure his body will be so happy down the line.

    The pov made it look a little tame, the other footage really shows how gnarly the terrain is and how horrendous the crash was. How many more mental crashes can that mans body take.

    The close up on his instagram page is vomit inducing, he was really lucky not to be more badly hurt tbh!

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