Fully Vaccinated? You Could Travel Quarantine and Test Free by August

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The Government is due to make an announcement on the changes to foreign travel and update the traffic light system shortly.

There has been increasing pressure from travel firms and airlines for the UK government to relax the rules. The UK travel industry has been pushing for fully vaccinated people to be able to travel. The changes are expected to come into force in August, with the possibility that fully vaccinated people will be allowed to travel to 150 countries without the need to quarantine or get tested.

However, as with everything, given the circumstances and concerns over the Delta variant, this is subject to change and will differ from country to country. Currently, people in the UK are able to travel to France as long as they are fully vaccinated and meet set requirements. You must then follow the amber rules when you return to the UK.

It’s worth noting that although the changes could mean there may not be a need to quarantine when returning to the UK, each country will have its own set of rules and restrictions. Here are the current UK rules on travel and return to the UK. The situation is complex and rapidly changing.


Traffic Light System

The current traffic light system gets reviewed every three weeks. Rules differ slightly for Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The next review is due on 28 June. The travel ban was lifted on 17 May with limited countries considered safe for travel to and from the UK.

The government are still advising against travel to amber and red territories. They suggest people check the rules for the country they are travelling to, what to do upon their return, and book any tests or quarantine hotel packages before travel.

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Travel Rules

You can see the current rules for different parts of the UK here:

The rules are very similar for each country, but always check the guidance for your country. There are only a limited number of countries on the green list, including Iceland, Australia and New Zealand. You can see the green, amber and red countries (for England) here.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has called for all EU countries to impose mandatory quarantine on British travellers coming to EU countries. This is due to concerns over the rising number of Delta variant cases in the UK. In response, the UK government has said it’s up to individual countries to decide on the rules for governing their borders.

Will you book?

Will you be booking a last minute holiday?With changes expected for those who are fully vaccinated (with two Covid jabs) will you be taking a gamble and booking a trip abroad?

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Comments (9)

    For what it’s worth the EU are meeting today and tomorrow and discussing covid recovery etc, Merkel and Macron have now both announced they wish to see 14 quarantine in place for travelers from the UK, bloc wide.

    If I didn’t know better I’d say the relaxation is deliberately timed to coincide with the inevitable restrictions at the other end. Looks very much like a cake and eat it policy change to me.

    I agree, the EU will force us to quarantine and Boris will relax restrictions, then blame the EU for us not being able to go on hols. When we’ve gone from having one of the lowest CV rates in the EU to the highest due to his incompetence.

    May as well spend that holiday money on bikes & parts – shhhh don’t tell the wife….

    Boris says ‘it’s up to individual countries to decide on their own rules for their own borders’, anyone would think that countries within the Eu have their own sovereignty?

    The poll/submit function isn’t working. Do I care? Not really, I’ve made my move. No going back now!

    Apologies re the poll, it does seem to work if you click on the option you want and then submit, it just doesn’t seem to want to show you that you’ve clicked it!

    Never mind going to Jonnyforeignerland. What I want (nay, NEED to know) is whether wee Nicola McKrankie will allow Sassenachs over the border in August. As I’ve a family holiday and a little race to be had in the Highlands.

    Alps trip booked for the 3rd July. All tests lined up, and forms completed. Everything crossed we can get across the border.

    Im off to morzine beginning of August regardless, ive a place over there and not seen it for 14 months.

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