Fresh Goods Friday 544 – Blinking into the bright future

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Have you got your Big Coats at the ready? A nice warm hat? A fetching mask and a handy bottle of hand gel? The pubs are soon to open, and this is surely all essential kit for anyone venturing out there. Remember the days when you’d get dressed up smart and nice to go and meet your mates, cover yourself in Lynx/Impulse in case of a hug your mates or hug a potential mate scenario? Well, we’ll have none of that. You’ll be needing merino base layers, at least 1m of personal distance, and no sipping of mate’s pints to see if that’s a nice beer and you should order one.

Or maybe you’ll not be rushing off out to the pub to join everyone, and you’ll make use of the slightly quieter trails as others go back to doing other things?

Someone asked us this week what’s the point of the Fresh Goods Friday music? Well, we’re not entirely sure, other than it’s traditional, and it’s often fun to discover things in the corners of the web. This week’s ‘point’ if there is one, is a theme of things we’re allowed to do from next week as we emerge, blinking slightly at the bright lights and starting at sudden movements, from this phase of Lockdown.

Funn Mamba S Pedals

  • Price: £105 Single-sided, £110 Double-sided
  • From: Funn

The Mamba S is Funn’s latest SPD pedal with enduro ready cage. Funn offers both single-sided and double-sided versions of the new pedal featuring a Shimano SPD compatible mechanism. The Mamba S is slightly smaller and lighter than the original Mamba pedal, 465g a pair for the double-sided model, making them perfect for all types of riding. Each cage is made of 6061 alloy, features replaceable pins and run on tough CrMo axles and DU cartridge bearings. For easy maintenance, Funn has included the GRS, Grease Renew System for fast and easy servicing.

Hope Fortus 26 Wheelset

  • Price: £160 front, £265 rear
  • From: Hope

The Fortus 26 is Hope’s trail/enduro wheel with a 26mm internal rim width. We would normally go for wider, but this is what Hope had in stock and it’s nice to go smaller, narrower and thinner from time to time to see if we really need the biggest and badest. Hope built this wheelset up with a Superboost rear hub for the Patrol 691 Evo, and each set is hand laced on to excellent Pro 4 hubs. Watch out for a review of these wheels coming in the future.

Fovno Bike Rack

  • Price: Aliexpress
  • From: TBC

You might remember Fovno from a few weeks ago when we featured a couple of their budget chainsets. Well, the Chinese manufacturer has a pretty varied line-up of goods, including this automatic suction cup bike rack. The system uses a rechargeable battery and pumps that will automatically create a vacuum and suck itself down to the roof of your car. The system includes a wireless alarm system too that will sound if a cup loses grip while on the move. Fovno intends to sell this 3 bike system Worldwide, and as you can see here, you can set the system up with as many rear wheel pads as you like. How does it work? Well, it works fine, but the length of an Abarth 500 means Andi hasn’t been able to actually fit a modern bike on the rack to test it. Perhaps it’s time he went car shopping again?

7MESH Elevate Long Sleeve Bike T-Shirt

Is that a modelling pose or is Hannah just hiding the wildness of her hair? Here she is in a new long sleeve shirt from 7MESH, made from polyester to keep weight down and flexibility up with a small dose of lyocell—sourced from wood fibre— to provide a soft next-to-skin feel that’s anti-microbial, lightweight, absorbent and breathable. Interestingly, it has a single seam up the back, instead of down the sides like usual.

7MESH Elevate Bike Tank Top

Smile, even though it’s minus three degrees and your roots match your top… Hannah is wearing the women’s vest version of the new Elevate range. There’s no men’s vest option, but in the same thin and floaty light fabric the guys can choose from a short or long sleeve T-Shirt.

Nukeproof Chainguide

This purple chainguide arrived especially for Andi’s Pole build. If the early 90’s colour doesn’t do it for you then there are plenty of other colour options to choose from too. Like pretty much everything Nukeproof, this chainguide is simiple, well made, and likely to be very reliable.

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Pedals

Forged then CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy is used for the main body of the Horizon pedal. This version runs on CrMo axles, though a more expensive Ti option is also available. Each pedal rolls on 4 bearings and 2 bushings for smooth running and a long life even in UK Winter grit. Great pedals for anyone who loves riding flats.

Nukeproof Horizon Tubeless Repair Tool

Flats are good, but flats aren’t. Of course, we’re referring to flat tyres, flat pedals rule. Even with most people running a tubeless set-up on their wheels these days, it’s still smart to carry a tubeless repair tool with you. The Nukeproof Horizon model consists of an alloy container that doubles as the handle for poking sticky rubber patches in rips and holes. The container has a threaded lid and inside there are 5 x 1.5mm plugs and 5 x 3.5mm plugs.

Nukeproof Horizon Enduro Strap

Don’t like packs and bags? Then what you need is a handy purple strap on from Nukeproof. The Horizon strap velcros around your frame and has 2 loops to carry useful items like tubes, jackets or even a banana.

Granite Design Cricket Bell

A tiny little bell with enough ring to get the attention of other trail users. The Cricket Bell from Granite will fit bars of up to 35mm in diameter, as shown in the photos and has 2 modes of operation. The bell can either be activated when flicking the spring-loaded trigger or set to ring continuously as you ride over rough terrain. When set in its manual mode the bell is perfectly silent even in rock gardens or hitting big drops, until you flick it.

Praxis Cadet Chainset

The Cadet chainset aimed at riders wanting a fancy, functional and stiff chainset without the big price tag. Yes, talking about price does seem a little ironic as we’ve listed it as TBC but in the U.S the Cadet ships for $160. We have the standard version but there is also a HD, Heavy Duty, model available too. Both Cadet models are forged and are compatible with direct mount chainrings.

TRP Quadiem Brakes

Brakes so good that Aaron Gwin uses them, or perhaps he doesn’t use them and that’s why he is so fast? The Quadiem are a 4 piston brake set using a calliper body with integrated fins for cooling on the longest descents. Andi will be fitting the Quadiem to a Cotic BFE MAX build he hopes to complete over the next few days.

TRP TR12 speed rear mech

  • Price: TBC
  • From: Upgrade

Another TRP item developed with the aid of Aaron Gwin. The TR12 rear mech is designed to work with 12-speed cassettes and features a clever B-knuckle lock inspired by John Lock, Gwin’s mechanic. The mech features a G-Spec Ratchet Clutch, a carbon fibre cage and upper link and sealed bearing.

TRP TR12 speed shifter

  • Price: TBC
  • From: Upgrade
trp 12 speed shifter

The TR12 shifter is designed to mimic the motion of the rider’s thumb, rather than rotating away from it. This attention to ergonomics rolls over to the adjustability of the lever clamp, allowing it to be fine-tuned for comfort. The 12-speed shifter boasts ball bearings and a carbon fibre upper housing.

DMR Blade Chainring

  • Price: £40.00
  • From: Upgrade
DMR Blade chainring

A direct mount chainring that saves as much as 100g over a traditional spider design. The Blade is compatible with the SRAM interface and will also work with the Cadet cranks above. Available in sizes 26-36t and with a narrow-wide tooth profile.

Truvativ Descendant Grips

  • Price: TBC
  • From: SRAM
truvativ Descendant grips

Featuring a full-width contact area that extends from the inner clamp right to the end of the bar. The ridged pattern allows for a soft-to-touch feel and makes for superior grip and control. Available in solid colours, marble and gum options, these grips give you the option to match grip performance with your personal style. 

Right, off we go into the weekend! Prepare yourselves for next week’s New Activities! Remember: it’s traditional to wear clothes outside.

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  • FGF 544 | Blinking into the bright future
  • Mark Alker
    Full Member
    Charlie Hobbs
    Full Member

    @hannah… those sunnies look great. What are they? Didn’t they do them in blue?

    Full Member

    This posting of articles in the forum is a new thing, right? I like it, it’s good for folks like me who are too dozy to notice the headlines changing on the right.

    Full Member

    That bike rack thing is interesting, does it keep topping up the vacuums as you drive along?

    Full Member

    This posting of articles in the forum is a new thing, right?

    There was a thread requesting it IIRC…

    Full Member

    Andi will be wanting to swap the Quadiem pads for for sintered Saints right away, as the stock ones are sshhhiii…… terrible

    Matthew Hornby
    Full Member

    Oh, and the article comments are now a mirror of the forum thread, with all the formatting options. Like that!

    Full Member


    Oh, and the article comments are now a mirror of the forum thread, with all the formatting options. Like that!

    Full Member

    Aha, see what you did here. Very good. Will allow ‘HOW MUCH?!!’ outrage to flow smoothly into the forum discussion where inevitably a ghetto version for 2p will emerge.

    Full Member

    Blue version of the sunnies

    Full Member

    Nukeproof Horizon Tubeless Repair Tool

    Well if we had good giggle at Andy’s long purple pole yesteday, this now offers proper smut.

    *childish giggle*

    Full Member

    Love a bit of Fischerspooner. That used to be our getting ready to go out song on a Friday night song many years ago, before marriage, mortgage, kids and other grown up stuff.

    Full Member

    7 Mesh stuff is ace but still delivery to UK stopped post Brexit. Think they are hoping to have sorted soon.

    Hannah Dobson
    Full Member

    @Clink yes, I think they’re hoping to set up a new distribution centre in the UK to deal with it, but for now they’re encouraging you to buy from local shops.

    @Charlie_Hobbs They the Sutro S – the smaller version of the Sutro. Because I has an ickle face, innit.

    En vogue,

    This was great!

    Full Member

    Dear Nukeproof, please make plastic versions of those pedals. We know it means you sell less metal ones but that’s just what happens, when you make really good stuff. RIP Horizon Comp.

    Free Member

    This posting of articles in the forum is a new thing, right?

    It is and it’s really good, but I still hate it because it’s change.

    Full Member

    Women with long hair has been a feature of lockdown. Mrs Sandwich has never worn her hair long in my long tenure (yay for Stockholm Syndrome) as the current husband until now. She says it’s haircut time on her birthday, next Friday.

    Full Member

    Looks like I don’t need to worry about prescription lens sunnies – those sutros would just go on top of my ordinary glasses!

    Full Member

    Surprised to hear Andi struggles with the rack on the 500. I wouldn’t have thought it’s *that* much smaller than a panda and I get my xl process on that just fine with a manual suction rack. Heck I had an extra longest g16 on it briefly, and if needed those suction cups will stick to the rear window for the rear wheel (just remember the velcro straps for the cranks..)

    Andi Sykes
    Full Member

    @dangeoubrain The Panda has a much longer roof than the 500, and the spoiler on the Abarth gets in the way if I want to use the rear window.

    Full Member

    Fair do, you could always mount it vertical on the doors 😉

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