Fresh Goods Friday 534: The ‘We’ve Found Bikes!’ Edition

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It’s a crazy time – in general, but also in bike land. First, everyone seems to have sold all of their bikes and there are some long lead times heading our way for new models, with some surprising Brexit-related price hikes for those you can get. However, some companies have bikes in stock (we’ve just heard from Sonder and Ragley to that effect this morning) so who knows? Grab ’em while you can, we reckon. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to get a couple of new models popping through our letterbox/bike shaped cat flap recently, and they’re here for you below.

When we might see other bikes is a bit of a lottery, but you know that you’ll see them here first. Those that we can talk about, at least. In the meantime, we’re starting to get an idea of some of the new models and components being released this year and it looks like being a fun packed year for those that follow new products.

In the meantime, we’re revelling in the evenings that are light until nearly a whole 5pm. Just think of all that extra daylight, right?

Patrol C091

2021 Patrol C091 carbon hardtail

Andi says: Patrol is an Indonesian bike brand that I was lucky enough to go and meet a few years ago in Bali. The range includes eBikes, enduro bikes, and even carbon fibre kid’s mountain bikes, but what we have here is the brand new Patrol C091. The C09 range consists of three carbon fibre hardtails all of which have 130mm travel forks, and 29in wheels. While the C09 range is extremely affordable, this is the top of the line build, each bike comes with neat features you might not expect. Upfront is a new internal cable routing which enters through the headset, something we’ve only seen on high-end Mondrakers and Canyons so far. In the main triangle, there is room for 2 water bottle cages, and there’s also a clever metal flap which houses a spare rear-mech hanger.

This C091 build boasts a SRAM SX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain, 4 piston Shimano disc brakes, a 130mm travel RockShox Recon air fork with compression and rebound adjustment and an X-Fusion Manic dropper. They’ve even got the geometry right too! This large size frame has a reach of 475mm, a 67-degree head angle and 74-degree seat-tube angle. It’s a killer looking bike at an incredible price, so what’s the catch? Well at the time of writing Patrol bikes are only available in Australia, the U.S and Indonesia, though they are hoping to secure UK distribution.

Mudhugger EVO Bolt-on fender

The Mudhugger Evo is a bolt on version of the popular front fender. The guard attaches to modern forks with the required holes on the back side of the fork arch. This option has been sent for use on Fox 38 but it will fit all Fox forks plus the RockShox Zeb if you use an extra adapter. The 515mm long fender comes supplied with the mounting bolts and a couple of stckers. I’m sure the next time you see this it will be fitted to a new Enduro bike.

Fat Tire Flyer Repack Race Posters

Charlie says: Hey you, yeah you… come over here a minute. Step into my DeLorean, check out my flares, pretty effin groovy aint they, we are heading back to 1976, and to the start of mountain biking. Going racing man. No, you won’t need your fancy bouncy bike, and if you wear a helmet the gang will think you are freakin’ out man. Gonna need to turn your goatee into a bandito tash. So, what we are gonna do is push our bikes up a big 2 mile hill and race back down. Some dude called Charlie Kelly is in charge. Oh, the smell, that is just coaster brakes cooking. Coaster brakes are real fast brakes. Trust me, it will all be OK. Oh my god they found me, I don’t know how, but they found me. Run for it Marty… it’s the Libyans.

Each poster is signed by Charlie Kelly, using the same hands that made the first Mountain Bikes (ie the signatures are actually signed, not printed), and measure 28×43 cm.

Nukeproof Giga Elite

2021 Nukeproof Giga launch

Earlier this week, Nukeproof released the new Giga Super Enduro bike. As Andi pointed out in his first ride impressions, although the Giga is a 170mm travel 29er it climbs surprisingly well and never feels too much like a big bike. The Giga Elite which we have on test is an Elite build comprising of DT Swiss wheels, Michelin tyres, SLX drivetrain and Fox suspension front and rear all hanging from a new carbon frame.

Giro Trixter Gloves

  • Price: Affordable
  • From: Try Giro UK

These just showed up for Chipps. They’re obviously from Giro on California rather than Giro UK because who on earth would have white palmed gloves? The Trixster is Giro’s entry level full finger glove and we expect them to be here by the spring, but hey, no one’s going to be wearing these here until May at the earliest!

Hackney GT Palms Jersey

A new jersey from the Hackney GlobeTrotter always brightens up the day. Hackney GT’s new ‘Palms’ jersey is Don Johnson riding a BMX retro cool. Complete with Windtex perforated front, raglan sleeves and neat cuffs, made in England too, this is bound to get you noticed. Not for the shy, like all of Hackney GT’s range. But hey, you can wear black another time. Our model wears a size large.

An Excuse For The RockShox SID Champagne Flutes

  • Price: If you have to ask…
  • From: Him to her

Yep, it’s time to celebrate at Singletrack Towers. Our editor, Chipps, has finally got engaged to Beate – who you might know as our watercolour illustrator (and cargo bike pioneer…) – Obviously, you’re ALL invited to the party. When we can have them again…

And that’s all of the goodies for the moment, we hope that’ll keep you busy for the weekend, until that lovely spring weather starts headed our way, right? Have a great weekend, you lot!

Let’s ease into the weekend with those Belgian Triphop pioneers, Hooverphonic…

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