2021 Team News: Sam Hill off Nukeproof CRC or is he trolling us?

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Enduro champion Sam Hill has taken to Instagram with a message that implies he’s leaving Nukeproof CRC, or he could simply be messing with us!

When the team rumours start rolling in we hear some really wild ideas and theories and it’s not uncommon for riders, ambassadors and even teams to play along with some of the conspiracies. So when Sam Hill posts a “Thank you” message to sponsors Chain Reaction Cycles and Nukeproof with no explanation why we can’t really jump to any conclusions.

Our knee jerk reaction is to believe that this being contract time, Hill might not have re-signed for Nukeproof and could be leaving for another team, then again he has been on the scene for longer than most other riders and he could just be trolling social media and forum detectives.

Then again, there’s another theory that might actually be more plausible. Could Sam Hill be set to announce his retirement? This past season we saw Sam chose to sit out of some races due to the pandemic, and with a young family that’s completely understandable. Could he have also made the decision to stop racing altogether?

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A post shared by S A M H I L L (@samhill13)

I’d like to say a massive thank you to @chainreactioncycles and @nukeproofbikes for all their support and belief in me over the last 8 years. It’s been an awesome time and we have achieved a lot together. Thank you 👊🏻

Sam Hill

We’ve already contacted Nukeproof to see if they can clarify the situation and we’ll update this post with full details once we have all the information.

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