Track Walk: Brendan Fairclough’s Newest ‘Dog’s Life’ Line

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It seems like an age ago now that we sneaked a peek at Brendan Fairclough’s new Dog’s Life line at Redhill Extreme. Join our American dirt bag Fahzure with well spoken Englishman Sam Millyard (son of Allen) for a track walk.

Here are your track walk hosts, not on the Brendog line, because that wasn’t allowed (and it was quite big):

The line starts at the top of the Redhill field, and wriggles its way all the way down to the hut at the bottom. Loads of transfers, loads of berms, and a lot of shark fins.

When we walked the new line it was almost built, but not all the features had been ridden. We tried to figure out whether there were going to need to be some tweaks to make the take offs work better, what tricks Brendan might be aiming for, and how he was going to make some of the features work.

Redhill Extreme dirt jumps Brendan Fairclough

Soon after we were there, new Covid restrictions, then bad weather, then more weather got in the way fo the final filming. Then, Brendan had to head off to things like Audi Nines and the Trans Madeira enduro. Finally, everything came together and the final edit is landing tomorrow (Friday 18th December). Thanks to Brendan for being happy for us to give you a taster of what he’s been up to, keep an eye on his YouTube channel for the latest video.

Until the big reveal of the final Dog’s Life edit, join us in examining the track. Count the shark fins. What is that hole for? What do you think Brendan and friends might get up to – or up and round, or up and over – on this set of features?

Think you might like a go on this line? We’re told it’ll be adapted to be a little more general public friendly. Check out our feature on Redhill Extreme, and get planning your visit once the weather improves:

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