Christmas Countdown Day 12 – Panaracer Aliso and Romero Tyres

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It’s time to win yourself a new set of Panaracer tyres, that’s right! The OG tyre makers have teamed up with us to give away a new set of trail/enduro ready rubber hoops to make your Christmas wishes come true!

Panaracer Aliso and Romero Tyres

  • Price: £54.99 Each
  • From: Zyro

Panaracer is one of the OG mountain bike tyre brands. I still remember the classic Smoke and Dart combo and am really excited to see new Panaracer rubber hitting the trails (and yes, the older Smoke and Dart is still being manufactured). The new Romero and Aliso tyres are aimed at enduro and trail riders who want fast, high traction rubber.

Being a modern tyre system, the Romero and Aliso tyres come packed to the bead with high end features such as 3 rubber compounds for grip, speed and stability. A puncture resistant lining and the type of side wall knobs we love to see on a Christmas morning!

How do I enter?

Log in to reveal the entry form in this story and answer the question you’ll find there. The answer you seek will be in the video below.

Answering the daily question gives you two chances to win: you’ll be entered into the daily draw for that day’s prize; and you’ll also get one entry into the Megasack draw.

Every time you correctly answer a daily question and enter a daily draw, you get another entry into the Megasack. You can go back and enter the daily answers after that daily prize has been drawn, and it will still give you an extra entry into the Megasack draw.

Today’s Video

Enter Here

Have I won?

The winner of yesterday’s daily draw is: johngrief, who wins yesterday’s Alpinestars Vector Pro Helmet.

Congratulations! Check your email! And give us a whoop in the comments below!

If you missed it you can still enter for the mega Sack prize draw, so check it out below.

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