The multi-standard Lone Parabellum gets a 2021 update

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French firm, Lone Bicycles, updates the clever Lone Parabellum with new touches and a new size.

Lone Bicycles is a rider owned firm based out of France. The owner and designer, Romain Olmos, is the same man behind HXR components and has had a pretty successful riding career over the years.

2021 lone Bicycles Parabellum

We first saw the Parabellum at Eurobike a few years ago, then again a year later, and last year I managed to test the bike. Though a small company, and even with a global pandemic looming down on the World, Romain has managed to find the time and determination to update the Parabellum for 2021.

All the details that made the Parabellum a standout bike are still there. The frameset is a middle finger to the idea of standards and is much more adaptable than most frames on the market. For starters, riders can build the Parabellum as a 27.5, 27.5+, 29er or mullet bike without affecting the geometry. Lone get around this by using an eccentric pivot located around the BB which effectively raises or lowers the BB so you can retain the stock geo regardless of the wheel size you choose.

2021 lone Bicycles Parabellum

Another neat trick is the ability to run either a metric or imperial shock giving the bike either 153mm or 165mm of rear-wheel travel. Then there are options for internal or external cable routing, adjustable dropouts with a full 20mm of movement and then, of course, the features all good bikes should come with like room for a bottle cage. In fact, for 2021 the downtube has been revised to give better access to a Fidloc 450ml bottle.

Another new change for 2021 is the addition of a new MixED frame size option. The MixED sits in between L and XL sizing and is aimed at riders who want to run mullet most of the time (though you can still build it up with other wheel sizes).

2021 lone Bicycles Parabellum

MixED versions of the frame will come in a unite polished and laqured raw finish while standard bikes, S,M,L,XL, will get a new matt blue colour with glossy graphics.

2021 Lone Parabellum Geometry

2021 Lone Parabellum Features

  • Frame: ALLOY 6013-T6 aluminium with 7075 T6 links. Chainstay adjustable to 20 mm 439/459 mm NAST System
  • Seatpost : 30,9 mm
  • Travel : 165mm (230x65mm) OR 153mm (230x60mm) (Metric) shocks. Compatibility with 216x63mm
  • Wheel size : 27.5” (650B) , 27.5” Plus (650B Plus) and 29»
  • BB: BSA 73mm (ISCG 05 )
  • Dropouts: 148x12mm
  • Size S, M, L, XL and MiXeD
  • Max Bottle Cage compatible Fidlock twist 450mm
  • Colours: Electric Blue

As Lone Bicycles is a small player in a big pond, the company relies on pre-orders to ensure they can get their bikes on to the market. Customers who fancy one of the new breed Parabellum can head on over to the Lone Bicycles website and order theirs today. Frames will ship between March and April 2021.

For more details visit the Lone Bicycles website.

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    I love that blue colour. A good looking frame but always find it hard to imagine how they’ll really look without a built up one pictured. Nice idea in the combination of adjustable chainstay length and BB height.
    Oh and whilst the blue is a nice colour it doesn’t work so well on this website. It took a lot of squinting to read who wrote this…

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