King Kong Slayed By A Witch, and other freeride tales

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Hold on to your hats and prepare to feel a little inadequate. We bring you some freeride vibes from the far reaches of the globe.

About this time last year we posted a video of Matt Walker, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin riding the notorious King Kong line in Utah. With Rampage style exposure and decent sized drops with huge consequence, it made their knees go a little funny – and with a nasty looking crash they discovered you can’t just ‘roll it’.

Utah rider Chelsea Kimball has been riding the exposed desert lines for a while now, and she’s no stranger to huge jumps, gaps and tricks. She joined other regular rampage fans in the desert this October for the ‘Campage’ unofficial pilgrimage to Zion to play in the dirt. While there, she hit some massive lines at last year’s Rampage site, as well as taking a run down King Kong. So far as we know, Chelsea is the first woman to ride King Kong, a bucket list trail (or maybe just a wishful thinking pipe dream) for many a freerider.

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My friends are the best! #Campage 2020 is already one to remember! 🔈 sound on 🎥 @ryanmrodriguez @dickfinn @dalandrum @naishulmer @_kstate @jbscott75 @d_a_n_i_420 JessieJones @iamspecialized_wmn @iamspecialized_mtb @atomikcarbon @looseriders @looseridersgirls @fiveten_official @reversecomponents @maxxisbike @truckerco_usa @mynesweepers @stikrd @bikesandbeans_ #redbullrampage #freeride #dh #mtb #bike #rampagetoys #halloween

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There’s a POV version of King Kong, plus the follow cam from boyfriend Ryan. Sound on for both – it’s fun to hear Ryan squeak a little, and Chelsea with the calming exhalations as she track stands peeking over the top of the biggest drops before picking a line.

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Top to bottom ladies and gentleman! #redbullrampage #redbullformation #freeride #rampage #kong @iamspecialized_mtb @iamspecialized @iamspecialized_wmn @atomikcarbon @looseriders @looseridersgirls @reversecomponents @maxxistires @maxxisbike @fiveten_official @dvosuspension @stikrd @bikesandbeans_ @redbull @redbullbike

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If that leaves you feeling a little shaken and stirred, then move on to the next video we have for you. Erice van Leuven is just 13 years old, and is the New Zealand secondary school downhill and enduro champion. She’s hoping to race world cups one day.

Erice van Leuven

Perhaps though she’ll be joining Chelsea in whatever the women’s freeride scene develops into – some of the tricks in this video she put together in just a few tries in a day. With skills as impressive as Chelsea’s, but with a little more feel good vibe and a little less scare the bejeezus out of the viewer, this should put a smile on your face.

If that’s whet your appetite, don’t miss out on the December issue of Singletrack Magazine, which includes a feature by Katie Lozancich on seeking out new freeride lines with Hannah Bergemann and Veronique Sandler in India as part of filming for the movie ‘Accomplice’.

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