Chasing the Podium with YT MOB’s Guy Johnston

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Who gets up early regardless of the weather, has a high risk of injury on the job, and spends half their working life covered in mud? The answer to this question could be a pro-mountain biker, or it could be a farmer. New YT signing Guy Johnston is both.

This video introduces the World Cup hopeful to the world. If you’re the parent of a bed-loving teenager, perhaps you might want to wave this under their nose, and see if you can inspire them into action.

The YT MOB traveled the world in 2019 in search of two new Junior World Cup racers. One of the diamonds discovered in the rough was Guy Johnston, a 16-year-old from New Zealand. But who is the kid discovered on the other side of the world, nearly 20,000 kilometers away from the MOB HQ in Spain? His latest video reveals more about the farmer’s boy who shreds trails with style for miles in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

After a turbulent first season with the YT MOB Guy Johnston was able to overcome the omnipresent challenges of 2020. While the coveted goal of getting that World Cup podium eluded him this year, the now 17-year-old was able to secure one Top 10 finish and 13th place in the World Cup Overall. After stepping onto the big stage this year, this Young Talent’s desire for World Cup racing is burning brighter than ever. We can expect to see his dedication and commitment result in hard work at home in the upcoming months. ‘Chasing the Podium’ shows us his roots, his trails, and his passion for fast rides and family – the backbone of his Young Talent.

Image credit: Isac Paddock

“I am stoked about my first World Cup season with the team. I didn’t get the results I was hoping for,
but I’ve learned a lot and know what I need to work on for racing in Europe. So, now I’m looking
forward to next season. I don’t think being a professional athlete has changed my life at home a lot. It has taken me away from home more, but I still like going home and getting back into my normal routine.”
– Guy Johnston, YT MOB Junior

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