‘Force For Good’ Endura MT500 Waterproofs Update

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Bonkers video, sensible product update – it’s the new Endura MT500 waterproof range, with added ‘Force For Good’.

While Dan might have spent 2020 digging at Dyfi Bike Park, it looks like Gee has spent it watching Netflix. The Dark meets Stranger Things meets Star Wars in this over the top all action launch video for… waterproofs.

The product may not be that glamorous, but it’s certainly essential, so UK riders in particular will no doubt be glad to hear that the Endura MT500 range of waterproofs has been given an update with plenty of input from the Athertons. Of particular note are the improvements made to the environmental credentials of the materials used.

Endura MT500 Force For Good
Endura MT500 Force For Good

ExoShell40DR, the fabric at the heart of the new Endura MT500 waterproof collection, has the same category breathability and waterproof ratings as the standard ExoShell40 but the DR signals increased durability. A tough, durable outer layer is paired with a soft touch, high wicking mesh inner layer that is designed to move moisture away from your skin and through the super-fine fluorine free membrane sandwiched in the middle. As with all of Endura’s waterproofs, ExoShell40DR is treated with a PFC free DWR treatment. This fabric is also certified as having been made in a way that eliminates harmful substances from the supply chain; ensuring that products are safe for consumers, workers and the

Endura MT500 Force For Good
Hang on, what are those orange trousers? We want them too!

The Endura MT500 waterproofs range consists of a jacket (that comes in women’s and men’s fit), shorts, trousers (also in men’s and women’s), and onesie. And no, the onesie doesn’t save you money over separate trousers and top, so you’d best get more wear out of it than you got out of your baby gros.

Endura MT500 Waterproof Prices

  • Jacket – £229.99
  • Shorts – £99.99
  • Trousers – £179.99
  • Onesie – £419.99

The new jacket comes in a slightly more fitted cut, with 2-way zips on the front pockets doubling as vents, and changes to the hood so it can be worn over a helmet or without a helmet when just hanging out.

The onesie now has more of a jacket and pants ‘separates’ look, with the ‘jacket’ tail now extending further down and the rear having improved waterproofing. A gusseted attachment to the waistband improves fit with less pulling, and allows for more height accommodation.

The shorts and trousers are pre-shaped for an on bike articulated fit, with stretch panels for unrestricted movement. Both also have water resistant hand pockets, an extra durable seat panel, knee pad compatible fit, belt loops and zipped fly popper closure. The MT500 Waterproof Trouser II has long, thigh height 2-way water repellent side zips which make the trousers easy to get on and off, with the top half of the zips doubling up as thigh vents with mesh gussets.

We’ve got some test samples coming our way, so mud loving Amanda is going to do her best to make like a pig and get mucky. Look out for them in Fresh Goods Friday soon.

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Comments (10)

    That is a cool advert for a set of waterproofs!

    “Onesie – £419.99”

    “and the rear having improved waterproofing“

    What does that mean? Weren’t they waterproof before? Are they waterproof now?

    £420 to make yourself look like a berk

    Fit, coverage and waterproofing all improved? At Endura’s traditional “premium” price points the product would really have need to be near perfect.

    Off to investigate how much actual materials and seamstress costs actually are.

    Edit) a f load cheaper than £420 by about £250-270

    Can someone do a review/comparison on these to see if they are worth the price. The last couple of years I’ve been using an Alpkit Balance jacket for wet weather riding as it was cheaper than most of the MTB specific jackets at the time & works just fine.
    What would also be really good also is if manufacturers made some bike specific waterproof trousers for lanky streaks of p!$$ like me & post the inseam legths up on their websites as standard, always a pain when trying to look for waterproof trousers, not just in the MTB world. Once size does not fit all 😉

    a lot of research and testing has been done for these products and I suppose they sell in limited quantities so high prices are expected. But £180 for a pair of waterproof trousers takes me back to the early days of Goretex.

    I always seem to get my first pick of an Endura product’s size wrong though. Some seem on the small side (I’ll never fit a medium Endura short). Others on the large side (my large Endura humvee trousers flap like a circus tent).

    Alpkit balance here too @martinb. It’s been fine and at the price seems a bargain compared to many mtb-specific coats. Plus alpkit are now a ‘B Corporation’.

    Ive got the mt500 jacket and for the price its rubbish! Not very waterproof or breathable and should be at the price! Stick with gore-tex got new jacket at half price of the endura and is much better. Ur paying extra for the endura as bike stuff is over priced nowadays

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