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We bring you a round up of snack sized information of cycling news from the big wide bike world that we think you might want to know.

Mitch Ropelato – SLC Urban Assault

Santa Cruz Mitch Ropelato hops and leaps his way around Salt Lake City in this BMX style urban video.

That guard rail trick is pretty cool, but we think we know which Singletrack contributor inspired it:

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Today, I learned a new trick.

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Audi Nines – Best Tricks

For wilder action, check out the Audi Nines Best Tricks video – particularly impressive is the trick performed while also wearing a GoPro mount on your helmet that looks like a helicopter. Because when you’re spinning through the air with your bikes, there aren’t enough bits sticking out already?

Black Cyclists Network

For those that might say cycling and racism aren’t connected here’s a video by the BBC that you should probably watch. It gives a good explanation of how societal inequality and institutional racism can impact on the sport we love, even when as individuals we might all think we’re not racist.

Wiggle/CRC Consultation

Wiggle and Chain Reaction have started the necessary consultation with employees over a potential merging of warehouse operations which the company says will allow reduced shipping times, improve the customer journey decrease the Group’s environmental impact. The reduction in transport is expected to reduce CO² emissions by approximately 100,000kgs per year.

Should the proposed plans go ahead, it is anticipated that 62 jobs could be at risk of redundancy at the Whitepark site, near Ballyclare in County Antrim. WiggleCRC confirms no customers will be impacted by the consultation period or if the proposed plans go ahead. The Group will ensure the consolidation takes places over a phased period and all customers will still receive their orders within the usual timeline.

Rose Bikes Cease UK Bike Sales

Cycling Industry News reports that Rose Bikes will no longer be shipping bikes to the UK. The legal requirement to ship bikes with the brake on the left – UK style – apparently puts us at odds with most of the market and the costs associated with bespoke set ups are too costly.

No Uncle Jimbos for the UK just now.

The statement from the company reads:

As some of you have already noticed, we recently had to discontinue the assembly and shipping of ROSE bikes for the UK. This was a difficult decision for us, so we want to take some time to explain it to you.

In the UK, bicycles are constructed differently than in the rest of Europe: the market standards and laws in Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland clearly convey that the front brake lever must be mounted on the right-hand side of the handlebar and the rear brake lever on the left-hand side. For the rest of Europe, it is the exact opposite.

With the technical complexity of our bikes increasing, we are facing the ever-growing challenge of being able to offer affordable Rose bikes with a high level of quality and safety. And because we want to shorten our delivery times for our customers, this summer we decided to gradually shut down the configuration of bikes, so that we are able to maintain our usual standards. Installing the brake cables and brake levers on the opposite side would require the type of special solution for the UK that we simply can’t realise right now.

We want to be able to guarantee each and every ROSE bike rider that they are sitting on a safe bike and keep the same level of quality. As soon as we are done with the transition in our production and get more clarity about the future of doing business with the UK, we will look for a long-term solution. Because we hope to soon be able to offer our bikes again to the UK and its vital market.

Until then, you can still find our bikes on www.rosebikes.com and in our stores in Germany and Switzerland. We’re hoping for your understanding.

HNF-Nicolai XF3 Adventure

HNF Nicolai

Made by Nicolai, HNF-Nicolai is a brand offering a range of eBikes including urban commuters and cargo bikes, with all the engineering you’d expect from Nicolai. This latest model caught our eye when it landed in our inbox. Coil shock, mudguards, Lyrik fork, luggage rack, belt drive, Bosch motor, two batteries, Rohloff E14 hub, high and low-beam lights. It’s quite the spec. Want one? Until December they start at 9743.03 EUR – after that ther’s a VAT increase which will put the price up a notch. If we were sure we could find a power source, this would surely be high on our list for the zombie apocalypse. Which reminds us – have your read our zombie bike test from 2017? Spooky.

Max Nerurkar

We feel old. Perhaps we need to play in the woods more. It looks like fun – except we might have forgotten how to bounce.

When he’s not playing in the woods, Max makes art. We really like these lockdown inspired paintings. While our Issue 131 cover captured all the ways we found to occupy ourselves at home when we could only go out for daily exercise, these look at the emotions – negative and positive – that lockdown created.


Snack sized news stop over! Time to get out to those woods and play!

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Comments (11)

    €900? That’s a great price.
    Ohh it’s €9000. The new normal.

    Oh, I thought aesthetics were improving on the eeb front. That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen! I’m sure it provides bags of utilitarian practicality, but it’s really, really, really ugly.

    I love Nicolai and have had a few of their frames but that thing is by far the ugliest bike they’ve ever made.

    And most Nicolai frames have a design that only a mother could love, so that’s really going some. There is something pretty awesome about the concept of doing a weeks shopping then smashing down a mountain on the way home.

    That Black Cyclists Network probably deserves it’s own news item – especially if there’s a better quality version of the video.

    Re the Nicolai – I bet it looks a lot nicer in the flesh. It reminds me of the pimped-out landrovers you see – spotlessly clean black land rovers with a roof tent, shovels, snorkel, bridging ladders, etc.

    “That Black Cyclists Network probably deserves it’s own news item – especially if there’s a better quality version of the video.” yep, absolutley.

    “That Black Cyclists Network probably deserves it’s own news item – especially if there’s a better quality version of the video.” yep, absolutely.

    /sigh “you’re posting too quickly” more like “you clicked twice and I’m not fast enough to keep up with that”

    That BCN clip is sickening. Some of 3_dumb’s art is saddening. There are some things riding bikes can’t fix. Thankfully, there are some it can.

    Well done Nicolai. The Orange eeb now seems beautiful.

    @irollones It’s on the BBC but I don’t think you can embed BBC videos like you can YouTube ones. Also, including it here was a deliberate ploy by me – rightly or wrongly, I thought that people might see it because they were reading a round up, whereas they might skip over it if they saw it as a headline in a fit of ‘bikes not politics’. But don’t worry, I’ll keep doing a mix of stealth and in your face politics and human rights!

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