WTF: Rose Bikes Jumbo Jimbo Tandem

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So, you work for a bike company, you’re twiddling your thumbs a little, it’s winter, you don’t really fancy riding. It’s cold outside. What do you do?

You get three bikes, a mate who can weld, and you chop them all up and turn them into one humunga-bike. Right?


We don’t know where Fin, from Rose Bikes, lives, but maybe there’s an opportunity for some local businesses. Things like cinemas, or pubs, or adult sized soft play areas. Things to keep people like Fin out of mischief and out of their sheds during the dark winter months.

‘I trust my welding mate with my life’

Just look at what happens when Fin gets bored! He says he made this out of three Uncle Jimbo bikes.

Rose Bikes Jimbo
An Uncle Jimbo in its intended form.

He was hoping his partner would go out on it with him, but so far she’s not keen. Perhaps she doesn’t trust the ‘welder friend’ quite as much as Fin. Or maybe she’s a touch worried about the 300psi in the rear shock.

Fin, was that you, or the 300psi in the shock?

What do you think Wil is saying to Fin in this image? Fin looks very relaxed, Wil less so. But then Wil’s never met this welder friend of Fin’s. Honest Wil, we’re quite sure that it’s fine. Take it out on that test track at the show, we want to see how it corners.

Want to hear more about this bike – the head angle might surprise you (it was a bit of a surprise to Finn!) – then check out our video here:

Be sure to check out all the other weird and wonderful news from the London Bike Show, and come and see us at stand LB1818 if you’re there.

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