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Revel Bikes Now Available with UK Distributor

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While it has been possible to get a Revel Bike shipped anywhere in the world, there’s something comforting about having a UK person to call up and pester with questions and deal with all the shipping and stuff for you. If you’d been eying up the hype over Revel Bikes in the USA, you’ll be glad to hear that Cyclorise is their new UK Distributor.

Probably not in the UK

Cyclorise has a track record of bringing in interesting USA based products – they’re also the distributor for Timber! Bells and RevGrips, among other things. The Revel range of three bikes: Rascal, Ranger and Rail has been getting good feedback from riders, while their wheel line up claims a variety of interesting construction methods.

The Rail is a 27.5 bike with 165mm travel, while the Ranger and Rascal have 29in wheels and 115mm and 130mm travel respectively. They’re all carbon fibre bikes, which is no surprise given the company is the product of collaboration between Adam Miller (Borealis and Why Cycles), Jeremiah Starkey (Rockshox, Trust Performance, Selle Royal), Jason Schiers (Founder of Enve) and Mike Giese.

Revel Bikes
Definitely not in the UK

The Revel brand launched in 2019 with their range of full suspension mountain bikes, featuring the CBF linkage design. CBF focuses on designing rear suspension around the centre of curvature, for maximum peddling efficiency ‘regardless of terrain, where you are in the travel, or what kind of power you are putting down.’

‘It has been an incredible journey growing Revel in the US over the past year and a half’ says Revel founder, Adam Miller. ‘We are absolutely thrilled to see our bikes hit the trail in the UK. We feel very fortunate to be teaming up with Cyclorise to distribute our bikes. It was obviously right from the start that they share our passion for cycling, and they are the perfect fit for our brand.’ – Adam Miller, Founder

Revel Bikes
On the Triffid planet

The deal is the latest in a busy year for Cyclorise, who recently added four component and accessory brands to their portfolio which now consists of Revgrips, Louri, Fasst Company, Ochain, Smoove Lube and Slicy Products amongst several others.

Cyclorise owner Thomas Dibley said ‘2020 has already been a significant growth year for Cyclorise but we aren’t done yet. I am so proud to be able to announce our partnership with Revel Bikes. To say that we are going to introduce and grow a bike brand that represents such stunning performance, quality and desirability, is exceptionally exciting. I have a personal interest in products that aren’t just ‘run-of-the-mill’, which is evident from our existing range. Revel Bikes brings something unique to the premium MTB market and we’re here to deliver it to riders in the UK.’

Revel Bikes
On the way to the moon
Revel Bikes
On the moon

Thomas has an eye for interesting products, and he’s managed to lure us into stocking a few of them in our Singletrack shop. Before you head off to Cyclorise to buy a Revel, why not pay our shop a visit.

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