BikeYoke | New 213mm Dropper and Triggy Alpha Lever

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Dig out your tiny frames, prepare to ride in platform shoes: the new BikeYoke Revive 2.0 Dropper is here, with a whole 213mm of drop!

Previous testers have found the BikeYoke droppers to be silky smooth, reliable, and with nicely ergonomic and effective actuators. With the new 213mm BikeYoke Revive 2.0 and Triggy Alpha lever, BikeYoke hope to have made things even better.

BikeYoke Revive
The 213 in a biiiig bike.

Triggy Alpha

Let us start with the Triggy Alpha, and listen for the chorus of celebration among the left thumbs of this world. This video does a Tron-esque job of explaining its key features.

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Triggy Alpha Key Features

  • ball bearing on the paddle
  • angle-adjustable paddle
  • black anodized aluminum body and paddle with laser engraved finish
  • 2 available paddle lengths for crisp or soft dropper engagement
  • 2 mounting holes
  • integrated cable tensioner
  • direct-mountable for almost any brake available (see mounting options)
  • new cable clamping for universal dropper compatibility
  • extremely low weight: 32g/34g (short/long)
  • maximum cable pull: 11 mm
  • $60 / 65€

Two paddle lengths is a nice touch, meaning you don’t need to compromise between a comfortable thumb or brake lever position. And if you don’t want to fork out for a whole new dropper, a lever upgrade is a really good way to improve your ride experience – and this one promises to fit all cable actuated droppers. You only have to do a ride with a sticky lever to realise the difference that being able to deploy your dropper rapidly makes, especially when riding blind on technical trails.

BikeYoke Revive 2.0 Dropper

On then to the new BikeYoke Revive 2.0 dropper. As well as the addition of 28mm of drop to the range, giving a claimed longest aftermarket dropper of 213mm, the rest of the Revive droppers in 125, 160 and 185mm lengths also get an update.

The longer levers and loads on the 213mm dropper meant a complete redesign of the original Revive chassis structure, resulting in a new upper tube unit made of one single piece, 3D-forged and precisely CNC-machined afterwards. BikeYoke says:

“In contrast to a traditional 2-piece design (head+tube bonded), the one-piece-design allows a defined and orientated but variable wall thickness of the upper tube, making it stiffer and stronger in important load situations. The REVIVE 2.0 213 also gets a noticeably longer bushing overlap to reduce wear.”

BikeYoke Revive 2.0 Features

  • 3D forged, one-piece upper tube design for increase stiffness
  • Hard anodized pin seats for improved corrosion resistance
  • CNC-finished actuator lever for smoother actuation
  • New, longer saddle bolts and upper saddle clamp for easier saddle installation
BikeYoke Revive
All the numbers on the big one.

Good news for existing customers: all the parts of Revive 2.0 are compatible with previous models. If you book in for a regular paid service at one of BikeYoke’s official service centres, they will not only perform a full service, but also rebuild the post with Revive 2.0 parts without upcharge.

BikeYoke Revive 2.0 Pricing

  • 125mm – $320/125EUR
  • 160mm – $320/335EUR
  • 185mm – $350/375EUR
  • 213mm – $380/405EUR

Whether you’re a taller rider looking to get the saddle right out the way, you have a new generation bike with a really low standover, or you want to use the dropper to help you get on your bike while wearing platform shoes (this is a thing! Grayson Perry does it!) the 213mm option is likely to tempt a few riders into an upgrade.

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Comments (4)

    Hmmmm, when is a drop to far? I went 180 on my new stead, and find I never use the full drop, as it’s good to have something to use you legs on, leaning or gripping. Soon we’ll have 300mm frames with 900mm reach and a drop of 500mm, and the BB will be a subterranean entity.

    I got 160 yokes on all my bikes, if I forget to pop seat back I nearly exit out the back, any lower I will be grazing rear tread

    This post sounds ace. I have a 200mm 9point8, and could use another 40-50mm.

    I won’t be buying one but that is a right lush anodised Geometron.

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