Bespoked Show 2021 Moves To Harrogate For Its Tenth Year

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We’ve just heard from the organisers of Bespoked, the British handmade bicycle show, that it is moving next year’s show to the Harrogate Convention Centre, from its previous home of Bristol for Bespoked 2021.

Not surprisinly, this year’s show didn’t happen. Like many spring 2020 events, it was rescheduled until the autumn and then abandoned completely. Hopefully by next April, we’ll all at least know how events will work and we look forward to Bespoked 2021

Here’s the announcement:

We are delighted to announce that the tenth Bespoked, The UK Handmade Bicycle Show, will be taking place 30 April-2 May 2021 in the Harrogate Convention Centre. The venue is located in the centre of Harrogate which is in the heart of cycle loving Yorkshire. 
Over 100 of the world’s finest bicycle makers and designers will come together under one roof for a weekend dedicated to custom cycling. Bespoked has firmly established itself as the place to see exquisite and innovative handmade bicycles and the very best cycling components, apparel and accessories, many unveiled for the first time. 

We’re big fans of the show, as an exhibition of all that’s great in British (and more) framebuilding, but also as a gathering place of many of the builders, buyers, riders, accessory makers and media that make for such a vibrant UK hand-made bicycle scene. We’ve covered it many times in the past and are proud to have sponsored several awards. We can’t wait for Bespoked 2021 in Harrogate.

Full exhibitor line up will be released in the Autumn. In the meantime, check out

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Comments (12)

    Great news as only a couple of miles away. I take it they are hoping the goverment get it ready in time as its a Nightingale hospital until some time in March.

    It’s about time exhibitions were held more centrally in the Uk (not even centrally in England) so may be Carlisle or Penrith next. As for ‘The Cycle Show’ moving to that London, I won’t be attending.

    More centrally than where? Bristol or London? And do you mean British central (ie Penrith) or English central (NEC perhaps?) Where were you thinking that has a large exhibition place and lots of accommodation?

    I think, Chipps, that the answer is in the comment. The UK, not England.
    Harrogate is more central in the UK than Bristol, London or Birmingham.

    Excellent, will definitely try to go, not far from home. My dad would like this too.

    You can’t just centre geographically, it has to be at least partially based upon population density – there are 5.5m people in the whole of Scotland, but 9m people in Greater London. Sure, placing it in Cumbria might make geographical sense, but you’re now asking 70% of the population to travel further to see it.

    Which makes more sense from both an economic and an environmental standpoint? Which has the greater impact?

    It might not be a complete love-in at Harrogate as some of the folks round the Stray aren’t too enamored with cyclists 😉

    Nice to see events moving around. Might be a bit healthier for the economy to spread these things around a little more and might foster a bit more positive cycling coverage / engagement.

    We’re right, you’re wrong, Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

    As a Harrogate resident I’m very excited about this Harrogate and yorkshire are fast becoming if not already the home of cycling in the uk (waits for the differing opinions) we have a really good scene for all genres of biking and apart from a few moaners who like grass I would say cyclists, races and bike events are really welcomed and celebrated in Harrogate and we’re proud to have such a healthy scene and that races and events want to come here. The world championships was the best two weeks I’ve experienced as a cyclist and race fan. Bring on more events and races.

    omg…Black lives matter, international womens day, trek mess up the mud x tyre…bespoke in Yorkshire??
    If only westminster listened to the north?>?!?!

    Yep keep it central as long as it just round the corner from me. And the grass is back after the UCI, greener than ever. UCI was great never thought shouting at roadies could be so much fun . What we need is a bespoke race or parade

    Gutted! But then I live near Bristol.

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