FGF Podcast 511 | Recorder music, hardtail shortages and Hannah’s #vanlife

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Hannah is back but she’s not really back. She’s roughing it the back of her van with love of her life Fahzure as she travels around Wales having riding adventures. So, it’s MC Mark once again standing in.

This week we get a disturbing aural insight into what happens in Amanda’s head on every descent in the valley and Chipps tells us why it’s never a good idea to start a climb with Scot Nicol of Ibis Bikes. be warned! This section features music played with a recorder. It will hurt your ears.

Then finally we do hear from Hannah and co. as the they settle in to another night in the back of their van, in another Welsh layby. Just don’t flash those lights.

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Recorder based riding music?

And for the curious we have some of those musical snippets for you. Unless you have listened to this episode to the end, these will probably confuse you.

Recorder Music

What musical suggestions did we miss? Are we doing the humble recorder a disservice? Help us expand this list with your own suggestions.

And finally, if you were wondering if there were any disturbing images of Hannah’s van adventures then here you are. The slightly unedited video version of Hannah’s podcast contribution this week. Contains beers, bad jokes and lovers squabbles.

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Comments (5)

    I very much hope Hannah isn’t camping (illegally) in a layby. I live in a tourist area of Wales and it’s not fun at the moment, it’s just so busy. Scores of campervans have been removed from layby’s and picnic areas by the police for illegally camping, so we don’t need publications like this adding to the problem by promoting it. Stay in a campsite. If all the campsites are full, that should tell you something – tourist areas (and locals to those areas) are struggling with the numbers of visitors.

    Worry not. She wasn’t in a layby. That was literary licence 🙂

    So the podcasts have gone Marvel style now, have they? Or were they like that all along? Am I going to have to listen to the ends of them all to see what extra snippets I’ve missed?

    That was almost complete chaos and one of the best podcasts for a while but what was Mark’s climbing music? I’m pretty sure he avoided answering that one.

    There was meant to be a smiley after “while” but it disappeared.

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