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Garmin Down! Ransomware Attack Blamed, Riders Unable To Ride

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Tens of thousands of cyclists are dealing with the traumatic experience of not being able to prove they’ve ridden their bikes as Garmin’s Connect servers go down.

The server outage means that rides can’t be uploaded to Garmin’s Connect servers and the usual auto synchronisation of data to other platforms, such as Strava, are also broken.

We spoke to one user who wished to remain anonymous..

I’m in pieces. I just scored three KOMs on my ride today and now I have no way to prove I did it. Even my mum thinks I’m full of s…. Now I can’t go out and ride my bike at all – what would be the point?

Another user told Singletrack that she has no idea if she’s actually tired or not as her Garmin sleep monitor function has been out of action for the last 2 days.

Users trying to access their Garmin profiles online are met with a message that reads..

We’re sorry.

We are currently experiencing an outage that affects and Garmin Connect. This outage also affects our call centres, and we are currently unable to receive any calls, emails or online chats. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and apologize for this inconvenience.

Tech website ZD Net reports that a ransomware attack that has encrypted Garmin’s internal network and some production systems is at the root of the downtime. It states that the issue has even affected production lines of products.

Garmin isn’t just a provider of proof of ride devices – the company also manufactures location and tracking equipment for the aviation industry and the attack has also shut down the flyGarmin website that supports its aviation services.

Support is available

If you or anyone you know has been affected by this outage, help and support is available. Qualified counsellors are available to discuss how you can get back on your bike without a tracking device. However, if full cold data turkey is not for you, website DC Rainmaker has a support page to guide the worst affected through a manual process to upload data from your Garmin proof of ride device direct to your Strava profile.

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is Garmin Connect down?

Yes. The servers that manage user data and the Garmin Connect service have been attacked with Ransomware.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a hack or virus that digitally encrypts the contents of a computer or server system. The hacker then contacts the owner of the affected computer systems and demands a ransom payment, often via untraceable Bitcoin transfer, to provide the victim with the encryption key to unlock their encrypted systems.

When will the Garmin Connect service by back?

That all depends on how Garmin decide to deal with the attack. If they decide to pay the ransom they could be back within hours or days – depending on whether or not that results in the attacker actually providing the key. Often victims pay the ransom and still hear nothing from the attacker. If Garmin have effective backups to all their systems they could restore those and choose not to pay the attacker’s ransom. However, in an extensive attack, restoring all systems across a global network could take days and even weeks.

Can I still ride my bike even though Garmin Connect is offline?

Of course you can, you spoon! Get out now, while you can, and appreciate what riding a bike used to be like before we all become techno-oversharers, desperate for the validation of strangers on the internet.

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Comments (19)

    I noticed this after a ride yesterday and thought it was just a syncing issue as I’m not connected to WiFi at the moment and have had syncing issues in the past.

    It appears not….

    This reads like a Daily Mash article. Not that I have a problem with that. 🙂

    I spent the day at Glenlivet yesterday. I’m still waiting to see if I got my “climber 3” badge on garmin. I may need a helpline.

    This is outrageous! How are my leg muscles, heart rate, and riding technique supposed to improve if my ride doesn’t get uploaded?

    Not laughed as much in ages after reading the obviously made up quote about not knowing if tired or not due to the sleep function not working. Classic p155 take!

    I am mildly annoyed

    I use a Polar.

    This is actually a bit of a problem for me. I have a set baseline* of my heart rate, blood oxygenation etc. And use the app to check for exceptions during the day.

    *I know there are accuracy concerns – but I minimise that by always using the same device…

    I had to check I wasn’t reading an article on the BBC’s website

    Luv this! It now really is about the journey, not the destination 🙂
    BTW you can upload your Garmin stats from your device to Strava if you have an account with them. Just saying ………….

    how on earth does strava being down stop you from riding??

    Because @b45her there’s obviously no point riding at all if you can’t prove you did it. Everyone knows that if you don’t Strava you don’t really ride.

    C’mon! This is basic stuff.


    Your data is still saved, as for the Strava slaves, use the Smartphone App, or just for once, enjoy the ride and appreciate what’s around you.

    maybe you should just go out and ride to enjoy ‘the ride’

    I enjoy obstructing strava lines on trails. It makes me happy to see cheaters lose.

    Wow the trails were lovely and quiet this weekend with nobody riding because they were unable to post their activities to exactly zero people that give a sh1t.

    I think I’ll pay the ransom myself if they guarantee to keep it down a few more days whilst I’m on holiday

    “Not laughed as much in ages after reading the obviously made up quote about not knowing if tired or not due to the sleep function not working. Classic p155 take!”

    Of the quotes in that story that one was actually real. It’s how my wife explained the issue to me. She’s just bought a new Garmin watch. She was joking of course… Important to make that clear.. But it’s a real quote 🙂

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