Pipedream Teases Updated Titanium Moxie Hardtail

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The ultra-rare Titanium Pipedream Moxie hardtail looks set to make a return with updated geometry.

If there is one thing that all mountain bikers can agree on it’s the fact that a Titanium hardtail is still considered super desirable. Even in a world of fantastic plastic full-suspension bikes, techy eBikes and boutique steel frames, there’s still a place in most riders hearts for a well-sorted Titanium hardtail.

Pipedream has been here before with the Titanium Moxie hardtail, a frame that proved to be so popular it sold out in next to no time and even now remains a rare, but exciting, sight on the trails.

titanium moxie hardtail
You’ve been asking….it’s coming.⁣

Earlier today, Pipedream Cycles posted the above teaser image on its social media, hinting that fans of Titanium may soon be able to get their hands on a Ti Moxie with updated geo.

The photo shows the distinctively neat welds of a Ti frame with the telltale ‘325’ marking of 3Al/2.5V Titanium Tubing. The post doesn’t reveal much, but a glance at the Pipedream Cycles website does reveal that the geometry of the Ti Moxie has been updated to match up with the MK3 steel Moxie which is currently on pre-order.

titanium moxie hardtail geometry
Updated geo.

Like its steel sibling, the Titanium Moxie will be available in 2 frame sizes, long and longer, with reach figures starting at 470mm and maxing out at 510mm. Those lengthy front ends are matched to a steep 77.5-degree seat post and slack 64-degree head angle. Those numbers might look like they sit at the extreme end of radical but actually equate to an effective top tube length of 612-652mm.

Both frame sizes are built with the same length, 420mm seat tube, so there is plenty of room for a modern long travel dropper post no matter which size you were to choose.

There are currently no pricing details, and we don’t know when the frames will be dropping, but the text in the teaser suggests that Ti Moxies will be on sale fairly soon. Hopefully, we’ll get more details soon.

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    A Ti hardtail is one of those wait-until-geometry-evolution-slows-down purchases surely? Given the investment required versus steel or ali you’d want it to keep up with geo evolution to keep it a relevant and constantly ridden bike. Maybe the time is right to invest?

    @Jim you have a good point, having already made sizeable investments in long and slack and longer and slacker, it cannot get any more extreme than a moxie ? That said longer and slacker doesnt like the tight stuff so much, that or my ride skills need updating again. Point being are we now already beyond this point surely. What else can there be left?

    Maybe soon there’ll be a market for a firm to launch bespoke geometry Ti hardtails, to fit for life. Given more riders are probably getting savvier about their ideal reach, stack, head angle and chainstay lengths, Ti would offer more profit margin to create bespoke fitting frames.

    @Jim although not Ti check out how 18Bikes size their No7 and No9 (27.5 & 29) frames.
    While they appear long low and slack, Im 5’9” and have the No7 size 475 with a 35mm stem and a 210mm dropper and it’s extremely playful, great on tight twisty singletrack through the trees and stable when going flat out on long fast decents.

    You can specify custom Geo on a lot of the Ti frames (Ribble, Kingdom, Nordest…) but I think we’ve reached a peak of LLS with some people now going back to bikes a little less long, still quite slack, and quite low. The moxie Geo is right out there, 420 seat tube on a 510 reach?! One more frame has just been put on the list for my hardtail build!

    @Paul reach on its own is not a good indication of how a bike will fit, you also need to take the seat angle into account. For example the longer Moxie has an effective top tube of 652mm in comparison a large Canyon Strive with rather conservative numbers (470mm reach) has a TT of 650mm.

    @Andi yeah I know – I like around 660mm ETT with 500+ reach, and a nice steep SA, normally that gets you a 480-500mm seat tube – the 485mm seat tube on my XXL Jeffsy would allow me to fit a 200mm+ dropper, the 420mm seat tube on the moxie size Longer is the shortest ST I’ve ever seen on essentially an XL size bike. Good stuff! Just need a 250mm dropper to fit it!!

    Does anyone know what weight this might be expected to be compared to the steel mk3 Moxie?

    I’ve got a Ti bike, it was also going to be “for life”. Pity it’s got 26″ wheels and straight 1 1/8″ steerer tube – good luck getting a replacement fork when it wears out…

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