Looking for RADVenture? Then you need a Stooge Scrambler!

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The Stooge Scrambler is a fully rigid, adventure/drift machine designed to look like the old school scramblers of yesteryear.

Talk about a niche within a niche! Stooge Cycles plans to put a new frame into production, one that combines the fun of pulling skids and slapping muddy puddles with bikepacking versatility and retro styling.

The idea of the Stooge Scrambler was born out of a plan for a bike that Stooge drew up in 2016 but shelved due to Brexit. Using chunky tyres, the Scrambler throws in a dash of retro styling, and enough rack mounts to carry everything you could need for a weekend of bikepacking adventure.

Manufactured from steel, the Scrambler will offer space for 3 bottle cages, 2 in the main triangle and one underneath the downtube, or if you prefer a large in frame bag. A matching steel, biplane fork is tricked out rack and cage mounts too.

stooge scrambler
Twin top tube for the win!

The design of the frame is based on retro Scrambler or Klunker style bikes with a twin top tube layout, and a few modern touches thrown in for performance and safety. Rear disc mounts will mean way better performance than a canti or hub brake, and an eccentric BB shell means you can build this bad boy up as a single speed if you fancied.

The geometry is new school too with a 67-degree head angle, 74- degree seat tube angle and an ETT of 610mm on an 18in frame and 635mm on a 20in. Stooge hopes that the frames will retail for around £600 – £625 depending on the exchange rate.

Riders who fancy a spot of RADventure can pre-order a Stooge Scrambler today with a £50 deposit. Head over to the Stooge Cycles website now for more details.

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