Cotic Solaris MAX 2020 | More Sparkles, More Bottle Bosses!

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Cotic has revealed the latest update to the Solaris MAX, their 29er hardtail which they say can do everything from enduro to bike packing.

This latest edition of the Cotic Solaris MAX features a slightly steeper seat tube, but that’s not what going to catch your eye. You’re more likely to be torn between shouting ‘ooh, sparkles!’ over the paint options and crying ‘what the what?’ over all the bottle bosses on the down tube.

Solaris MAX
Solaris MAX

Cotic says:

This version is largely similar to the current version, however it comes with new colours (midnight blue & supernova orange), a slightly steeper seat angle and more bottle options on the downtube. It’s still the multiple award winning, Reynolds tubed, go-anywhere machine. These have been built for enduro level races or as bikepacking rigs for month long adventures. It’s super versatile, tough, comfy & a complete hoot to pilot. Nobody who rides one has stepped off without a knowing grin at what a remarkable piece of engineering it is.

The change in the seat angle is just 0.5 degrees – will you be sensitive enough to notice that difference? The colours are certainly gorgeous. Have a closer look.

And as for all those bottle bosses – imagine the things you could carry! There’s room for a hip flask bottle cage from our shop, plus a bottle of water to wash it down, and maybe even a tool keg stuffed with Haribo too. All the essential food groups, packed onto your frame.

Solaris MAX

Cotic has some slightly more sensible suggestions:

You can now carry two bottles on the down tube (as before), or a bottle with Anything Cage 3 boss mount style luggage, or just one bottle high up the tube within easy reach. Limited only by your kit and imagination, and can be easily combined with Cotic’s custom shaped framebags for covering those big days out, or just riding without a pack.

Complete bikes start at £2,200, and a frame only is £675. All sizes and colours are available to reserve now, with delivery due in July.

For further details or to place your order, head to Cotic’s website.

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Comments (6)

    Can people stop making nice bikes/frames please, I’m skint or God’s sake!

    With all those studs, they could do a limited edition leather version for all the Judas Priest fans.

    It’s a shame the top tube and chain stays don’t line up on the medium, otherwise I’d be there, lotto win permitting.

    Bugger, I meant seat stays.

    “With all those studs, they could do a limited edition leather version for all the Judas Priest fans.”

    I was thinking it looks more suitable for a pearly king or queen.

    You’d hope they’ll be providing lower-profile hole blanks for those who don’t want to bolt a load of crap to their frames.

    Other than that, lovely colours and sensible, subtle geometry revisions. And the new branding looks good on these IMO.

    He’s gone the same way as the Big Dog and lengthened the head tube a well as steepening the seat tube, also a feature of Brant’s design

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