SDG Bel-Air 3.0 launched | 25 years in the making

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SDG’s iconic Bel-Air saddle gets fresh new features for 2020, a saddle 25 years in the making!

Want to feel old? Well, did you know that the first SDG Bel-Air saddle was released back in 1995! Yup crazy but what’s even crazier is that the Bel Air remains a popular saddle in the SDG family and that today a version 3.0 has been announced.

The new Bel Air 3.0 shares the same iconic shape with the original Bel Air with a few changes to bring it up to date, both in design and the features that help to keep it a comfortable place to perch all day. There are also a whole heap of new colours to choose so you can ensure you match or clash with your colour scheme.

For the 3.0 SDG has added a Hidden Undercut Relief, a hole in the base of the saddle that helps to relieve pressure on the perineum region, it’s a design a feature taken from other SDG saddles in the range and is proven to work.

The base of the 3.0 is manufactured from glass fibre allowing extra flex on the edges for mobility while a still centre channel for optimised power transfer. In use, this ensures the base of the saddle doesn’t bow while peddling while the sides do flex for comfort.

An interesting update is to the rails. Now using a free-floating rail insert to help with that flex above, the rails are now made of a new Lux Alloy which is new for 2020 and a claimed 15% stronger than Ti-Alloy rails, while also being more affordable.

Other neat features include an injection moulded EVA foam, replacing the PU foam from the Bel Air 2.0 and Sonic Welded Protective Edges, a replacement to the original saddles Kevlar and Cordura protection

SDG Bel-Air 3.0
So many colours!

The Bel Air 3.0 will be available at 4 price points starting from £54.95 and in a whole bunch of colours and designs.

  • Matte UD Finish Carbon Rail – £179.95 (181g)
  • Matte Black Lux-Alloy Rails – £79.95 (236g)
  • Fuel Model with Lux-Alloy rails with custom graphic – £99.95
  • Black Steel Rails £54.95 (318g)

For more details head over to the Silverfish website and check out all the cool colours and designs.

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    I’d be interested in hearing how folk get on with these. The solid titanium railed Bel Air is my favourite saddle ever but the Bel Air 2 was uncomfortable and horrid; I really didn’t get on with it at all.

    Agree with pjay on that one. I loved the original one’s but the 2.0 version felt like it was tearing me a new hole.

    Chipps and I both have them on test so should have some thoughts pretty soon

    Same. Still got some originals, v2.0 was horrid.

    Whoop. Liked both Bel Air and Bel Air 2.0, Had Camo (Sponge), Zebra (Hairy) and Cyan (Coordinated to Cyan Hand Solo grips) so far, whats next……Oil Slick maybe

    postman delivered one to me over the weekend… not fitted it yet but looks and feels like a quality bit of kit…

    Another fan of the 2.0, seems fine to me (currently running the Ti-Alloy version.

    But is it available in faux cowhide? Come on, don’t leave us hanging.

    Loved the bel air 1 although started to struggle a bit with it the last few months on longer rides with more seated pedalling. Wanted a new saddle for the road bike so stuck on a Bel Air 2 as it matches lovely…..shame it barely softer than a solid piece of concrete . New cycle shorts arrived today so will see how it goes with those. Bad timing for a 3rd one to come out just after buying the 2

    Faux cowhide? Pah, I want the tigerskin version

    I loved the original – had a tiger skin on the 5 Spot and a leopard skin on the Handjob. Got lots of ribbing from my mates, but became my ‘trademark’ to have an outrageous saddle. Tried the v.2 and found it really uncomfortable, and ended up switching to the Charge Spoon. I’ll look forward to hearing whether this is closer to the original in terms of comfort – I need some faux animal print in my biking life!

    Agree with most SDG Bel-Air 1 suits me to the point I have 8 of them on bikes, the remaining ones are a Bel-Air 2 and 2 WTB volts neither of which are as nice

    Have worn out one Bel air RL and have 2 still going strong, good comfy saddles and pretty durable, took many miles of abuse to shred the one I replaced.

    “I’d be interested in hearing how folk get on with these. The solid titanium railed Bel Air is my favourite saddle ever but the Bel Air 2 was uncomfortable and horrid; I really didn’t get on with it at all.”

    + another. I liked V2, but V1 was a lot better. Bit like the WTB SST.

    been on a few rides now, first thing i noticed was it feels quite small? its also a bit creaky!

    I’m still persevering with my new v2.0 and with better quality cycle shorts it is better but it’s still incredibly hard. Going out this weekend on one of my bikes with a V1 on it with the same better shorts so will see how it compares then. If the v2 doesn’t improve over the next 5-10 rides it may have to go – but not sure what to replace with. Hopefully it’ll sell ok on eBay as a barely used v2…..

    I’ve used bel air ti (1?) for the last 12 years, love them. Have had my 3.0 for two days. First impression was cripes, is this a child’s seat ? It’s tiny. Rode 15 miles and thought, this is actually ok. Rode another 15 miles today and thought I really don’t like this, hard and unforgiving, nothing to relax and push weight into. My bones are arching….

    Anyhow, I ride my bike (chameleon) strangely, central London, fast, overtaking fatties on their cervelos or whatever they’re called, like I stole my bike, but with a bunch of silly stairs to launch off and things to hop up and manual off etc etc. I have lots of fun. Every day. But this saddle isn’t the answer for me…will go back to the same old bel air ti (not 2.0)….

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