TRP goes 12-speed with the new TRP TR12 rear mech and shifter

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TRP takes a different approach to offering 12-speed, focussing on just the 12-speed shifter and rear mech for the TRP TR12.

TRP released the DH7 downhill shifting combo last year, now based on the same tech here’s the TRP TR12, a 12-speed shifter and rear mech designed for trail, enduro and XC riding.

With an ever-growing choice of 12-speed drivetrains, TRP has decided to enter the market not with a complete system but with a 12-speed shifter and matching derailleur, and like the DH7 launched before it, the TR12 system has some innovative features.

trp tr12
The Hall Lock makes the TR12 pretty unique.

First up is the Hall Lock, a feature named after John Hall, the mechanic of WC racer Aaron Gwin. The Hall Lock is a mechanism that is used to lock the rotating of the B knuckle on the rear mech. Unlock the system and you’ll be easily able to remove the rear wheel, turn it locks the mech in place and helps to ensure a super silent drivetrain and accurate shifting even over the most challenge terrain.

To further ensure a quiet system and to help prevent chain drop, the clutch on the TR12 rear mech is an adjustable ratchet-style design. As well as helping with chain security it can also be adjusted to suit chain growth of different suspension systems.

trp tr12
Adjustable Ratchet Style Clutch.

While the TR12 is the first 12-speed mech from the brand, it’s clear that this is a high-end product. The cage and upper link are made from lightweight carbon fibre and sealed cartridge bearings are used for all pulleys for smooth operation.

At the opposite end of the system we find the TR12 shifter, an ergonomic shifter again designed with the help of Aaron Gwin. TRP worked with Gwin to design a shifter with a linear path to mimic the motion of a rider thumb, rather than rotating away as we see on other shifters. This is meant to offer constant contact with the thumb for better grip and shifting performance.

The new shifter also boasts a rider-adjustable ‘home’ position with up to 40-degree of movement so you can dial it in just how you like. More use of carbon fibre shows once again that TRP is aiming at high-end drivetrains with the TR12 and the use of ball bearings promise smoother shifting.

TRP will offer the TR12 system in a range of colours including all black, black/gold and black/silver. Claimed weight for the shifter is 120g while the mech weighs 282g.

TRP will be offering the TR12 as a shifting unit only, so customers can choose from any of the 12-speed chains and cassettes currently on the market to build a system that works best for them and their wallet.

TRP will offer the TR12 as a system for £330 or as separate units. A TR12 rear mech will be priced at £240 while the TR12 shifter is priced at £120. Both are up for pre-order right now through UK distributor Upgrade.

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    That rear mech looks like a transformer.

    Bit out of my budget just now so hoping to hear more about that Advent-X stuff I’ve seen on Instagram

    Very much looking forward to an SLX level version, big TRP fan since I’ve started using Quadiem brakes.

    I wonder if anything can be mixed and matched with Shimano or SRAM?

    Bit spendy but I like the look of it and the gold one appeals to the inner bike tart

    Makes me think how lucky I am if I can buy a well engineered Shimano XT mech for about £100 (or a similar priced POS from another major manufacturer)

    can’t help that think the market is cornered though, doubt this mech will be around for the long term.

    I’m pretty sure that the retail prices shown are for posturing. The real sales volume will be OE spec, combined with brakes and whatever else the Tektro Co has on the table, the negotiations will be based on group pricing, availability, and of course the all important fashion factor. Does this perform better than XT or XO? No way. Are all the pieces easier for the factory to get on time? Maybe. How about a multiple piece buy for OE production? And does it differentiate? Absolutely, it’s got a HALL LOCK and was race tested by Aaron Gwin!! Back in 2017 Issue #114 of ST, Bontrager explains how this is a fashion industry and this is just another pair of shoes for the Empress. After NIKE and Adidas did we really NEED another 100 athletic shoe companies?

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