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Back in February at Bike Connection Agency, the Nukeproof demo guy was appalled to see that I was still carrying around a very worn out (and bent at the axle) pair of pedals that I had previously presented him with in August 2019. I honestly believed that my pedals were fine and in a bid not not increase the amount of ‘stuff’ I own, I stuck with them through winter. That said, I was persuaded to try out a set of Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill Pro flat pedals. Here’s how I’ve got on with them.

Polished platform: 100mm x 100mm

The Pedals

The Nukeproof Horizon Pro grew from the EWS in France 2018 when Sam Hill’s mechanic was filing the edges of the platform off the previous model away to reduce pedal strike and give more clearance. The pedal was taken back to the engineers in the UK and they got working on a new enduro specific flat pedal.

20 pins per pedal

The engineers found that they couldn’t just cut the edges away because it took too much strength out of the pedal, so Nukeproof re-engineered the whole pedal to reduce the edges whilst keeping the pins in the same place, because Sam liked the feel of the pedal, he just wanted more clearance.

As a result of the shape the pedals have become lighter, although that wasn’t the aim. After two years of development, Sam has been riding these for all of last season and this season, he rode on one prototype for the start of the season, then they updated it to a new prototype which he won on.

Placement of the pins paired with the chassis profile have created a contoured edge to help deflect rock strikes.

The pedal body is designed to accommodate all shoe profiles and can be tailored to a grip level that suits the rider by removing the pin washers. 

Available in six colours

They have polished tops so they don’t look worn out after a few rides and contain the same internals as the previous flat pedal, so they have plenty of spare parts without waste. They are available in six colours.

The Ride

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  • Material // Forged 6061-T6 Alloy body with CNC finishing
  • Axle // 9/16” Cro-Mo
  • 2x high-quality DU bushings & 4x sealed Z989 cartridge bearings (pair)
  • Adjustable pin heights
  • Weight // Claimed 430g, as tested 426g

Review Info

Product:Horizon Sam Hill Pro Enduro Flat Pedal
Tested:by Amanda for 3 months

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    “They have been inside me without consent” Hell’s teeth! I nearly spat out my breakfast! Hannah, have you read this?

    +1 for the non-riding pedal injuries. That makes me feel better; I thought it was just me 😀

    Another timely SIngletrack review to throw a spanner in my purchasing plans! Now I’ve recovered from the shock of your overall summary Amanda (unlike ‘brakestoomuch’ I had no breakfast mouthful to expel so I could only gawp like a goldfish) I am going to have bank your review for the future.
    I have used lockdown riding to switch from clipped to flats reasoning the change will slow me down, which it has, and improve my technique. Felt horribly insecure to begin with but I’m beginning to adapt.
    I have decided to commit and ordered a pair of Burgtec composite Penthouse MK4 (based on another Singletrack review) so we’ll see how I get on with those before I return to your thoughts here. At least I’ll be prepared for the summary…

    brakestoomuch.. I’m so pleased it wasn’t just me. I’m still laughing as I’m typing this. Thanks Amanda for cheering me up.

    Bring on a plastic version, the gen 1 plastic horizons were superb but they’re getting hard to find

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