Video | The Flight of the Pickled Onions

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If you want to see some stylish riding with some weirdness and silliness thrown in, then the Hazzard boys are always worth checking out. They’ve just released a new video ‘The Flight of The Pickled Onions’, shot just before lockdown hit.

Before the Lockdown and before the virus officially came to Scotland, the lads took Joe’s Landship III up north in search of the Falls of Glomach. It turns out it was a seriously smooth move! Some pristine trails and blue skies treated the lads to one of the best trips to date and a much needed explore before settling in at home. We hope you enjoy.

All we can say is that, with all those pickled onions in that campervan, they must be very good friends.

Beautiful as it is, it does look very very cold. And that waterfall makes the stomach lurch. Grab yourself a warm soothing cup of tea and sit back and enjoy. For a closer look at their bikes, head here.

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