Singletrack Issue 131 – Last Chance To Subscribe!

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Singletrack Magazine is usually printed in two versions: one is the Newsstand Edition, and one is the Premier Edition. Both have the same cover price, but the Premier Edition has an extra bonus section at the back, and it has a clean cover without attention grabbing coverlines, so you can better appreciate whatever artwork Amanda has chosen for you.

With lockdown, that is changing. Since very few Newsstand copies would be likely to be sold – you’re probably not to pick up a copy at the airport or train station – printing them and sending them out would just result in a bunch of unsold copies being pulped. Which is bad for business, and bad for the environment.

Instead, for this issue we will only be selling Singletrack in the Premier Edition format, via subscriptions, our shop, and our network of Premier Dealers. Be warned though – we’ve recently been selling out of copies in our shop, so if you want to be 100% sure of getting a printed copy, the best thing you can do today is subscribe.

Taking out an UK Annual Print and Digital subscription at £39 will, over the course of the six issues you’ll receive, save you £6 per year on the cover price of buying them individually. You’ll also get discounts in our shop, and access to our entire back catalogue. Digital only subscribers get a similar range of benefits – but you don’t get the printed magazine delivered to your door for a valuable dose of downtime away from your screen.

If £39 (or £49 for overseas subscribers) is too much to chew right now, you can take out a monthly subscription, or preorder this special edition from our shop now. All pre orders and subscriptions must be placed by midnight on 21st May to guarantee your copy.

Apart from that cover, what’s coming your way? Here’s a taste of where we can transport your imagination.


If lockdown has given you itchy feet, maybe a van conversion project seems like a good idea, so you can drive over the hills and far away when we’re set free. Or maybe you’ll read this and think that your semi in suburbia is the perfect place to be.

Classic Ride – Todmorden

Sticking to the ‘ride local’ requirements of lockdown, we bring you a tour from Todmorden, home of Singletrack, which we hope you’ll consider visiting once you can travel again.

Mud vs Rock

After a recent relocation, James Vincent tries to figure out why he struggles to expand his repertoire from rock god to master of mud.

A History Of Fat Bikes

Desert and snow essential? Over-hyped fad, or all-round fun machine? Die hard fan, Sanny, looks at where the fat bike went right and when and whether it all went wrong.

Bike Test – Lockdown Bikes

What are we riding, or dreaming about riding, during lockdown? We bring you a peek at the broad spectrum of bikes that are keeping our staff sane.

Pete’s Pros – Ben Cathro

Is he a coach? A racer? A YouTube star, or an influencer? Or just a nice guy? Pete Scullion heads to the woods with Ben Cathro to find out.

Hans Rey – Tasmania

It’s a long way to go for a bike ride, but scenery akin to Jurassic world might just make it worth it. Hans Rey goes to check out this fragile environment.


Chipps goes to Mexico, where he tries to find flow between the spikes, and discovers an oasis of ecological tourism – and internet detox.

Do You Catch My Drift: Gnar

Barney Marsh continues his exploration of the language of mountain biking. This issue, he delves into the origins and meaning of ‘gnar’.

Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got a mountain bike magazine subscription to suit you. Pick an option, support independent publishing, and get great stories, adventures and inspiration delivered to you.

Comments (6)

    Really looking forward to it guys – I hope you are a sell-out as well. 😉

    Funny, I just think what happened last year.

    I started my ST subscription 2012, ended it August 2019. That because I was so angry about everything, nearly sold all my stuff (inc. bikes) and turned a tramp/hobo/whatever or throw myself under a train. Or something. Didn’t ride at all, just feeling bad and no good, kicking stones and hurting my toes.

    But then read few old Singletracks, then I rode some trails…Actually lots of trails.

    Still have all my bikes, ride them every day and not feeling bad or low at all. And I started a new subscription September 3, 2019.


    @Rubberduck Stories like this make this job feel like it’s much more worthwhile than just having fun with bikes. Thank you.

    Really looking forward to Sanny’s fatbike piece after the Ice Cream Truck longtermer files! As a avid Pugsley rider, using it as my only MTB, it’s great to see them feature now again, even if they aren’t “cool” anymore.

    I think the articles from the ladies have been superb so far – PPdS was a hoot to read, as was the Zermatt trip. Great to read stuff from real riders, not just ‘schralping the gnar(tm)’ rides/riders.

    Basically, articles where some things are ‘a bit shit’, and things go ‘a bit wrong’ are my favs – looking forward to this issue!

    Looking forward to the Todmorden route, hopefully be able to ride it soon!

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