Granite Design adds the new Talon stashable tool to its range

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Granite Design has introduced the £10.95 Talon, a ‘virtually indestructible’ pair of tyre levers / quick link pliers.

Singletrack regulars will already know Granite Design for the Stash multi-tool we reviewed here, and our new Singletrack branded Granite RockBand on sale here.

The company is made up of designers who like nothing better than to figure out how to hide away the maximum number of useful tools on a bike as discreetly as possible, which brings us neatly to the new Granite Talon.

granite talon
Simple and convenient.

Designed to fasten to your frame via a RockBand, the Talon is a two in one tool combining 2 x fibre reinforced nylon tyre levers with a quick link removal tool.

The two levers, with stainless steel tips, work together as a pair of quick link removal pliers when you need to split your chain in a rush. Split the pliers and you have a pair of tough tyre levers strong enough to remove stubborn tyres, but delicate enough to use on expensive carbon rims.

Granite’s designers also worked in space for a spare chain link in there too, so you always have the means to fix your chain anywhere to go.

The Granite Talon weighs in at just 40g, works on 9-12 speed chains and will be available to buy either through Granite distributors or via Amazon. We will hopefully receive a set soon, so we can put the ‘virtually indestructible’ claim to the test.

  • Stashable chain tool and tyre lever combo
  • 130mm x 19mm x 8mm
  • Works with 9 to 12-speed quick links and chains
  • Quick-link storage
  • Stainless tips and glass fibre reinforced nylon lever
  • Weight: 40g
  • MSRP: £10.95

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