Microshift Advent X is a 10 speed 11-48 drivetrain with no new standards and low weight

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The all-new Microshift Advent X is a simple large range groupset for riders not wanting new standards and delicate setup.

Microshift has announced a new drivetrain that they’re calling the Advent X. Like all modern drivetrains, it uses a 1x system, but that’s about as much as it shares with any 2020 groupset as Advent X has fewer gears and doesn’t come with any annoying new standards.

Microshift already makes a 12-speed drivetrain, and you would think the next logical progression would be a 13-speed cassette with some monstrous 10 – 60t cassette hanging off the rear wheel, but this isn’t what Advent X is.

microshift advent x
The Advent X shifter features a silicone paddle cover for better grip.

Instead, the new system has been designed to offer as much range as possible while saving weight AND keeping everything reliable and easy to live with. So instead of 13, 12, or even 11 gears to choose from, Advent X has just 10 cogs outback.

The 10 speed Advent X cassette weighs in at just 424g which is a lot lighter than any of the 12 speed Shimano or SRAM cassettes on the market while still offering riders a nice spread to choose from with a range from 11-48t.

And because Microshift hasn’t jumped on any new standards, the Advent X cassette fits on a standard HG Freehub and works with 10-speed chains that are already on the market.

Advent X also gets a new Trail Trigger Pro shifter. Microshift says this shifter offers a “light and clicky” lever action, and is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Last but not least is the Advent X rear mech, an update on the proven 9-speed model featuring a patented ratchet and pawl clutch and full metal construction.

Microshift says that the complete Advent X system minus chain weighs in at 857g with most of the weight saved in the cassette and little added on for the full metal rear mech, but to us, that sounds like a pretty safe way of saving the weight.

While we’ve yet to get a ride on this new system we do like the simple, bombproof idea behind a 10-speed drivetrain with modern large range gearing.

You can find out more info on the new Advent X over on the Microshift website here.

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