Stolen While Still Secret! Gen 3 Stanton Slackline

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Generation 3 of the Stanton Slackline has been revealed early – as it was stolen from Stanton HQ in a break in. Keep your eyes peeled folks – if you see it, it’s the only one in the world!

Stanton Bikes’ post says:


In this crazy current climate when we really need to stick together and help each other, some people have got a bit too excited about what we have in the pipeline. On Friday night a team of (pretty rubbish) burglars broke in to Stanton HQ and stole the only Next Gen 3 Stanton Slackline in existence. This bike is the first of the new Gen 3 range and was set to be released on our 10th anniversary just a few days away. Make sure you keep an eye out for it on selling sights, it’s pretty distinctive and is the only Stanton so for rocking the new “Next Gen 3” decal on the seat tube.

We would have loved to do a proper reveal on this frame as it’s where it all started for us, but that will have to wait. The Bike was built and ready for testing and demoing but now we’re back to square one….for now.

There will be more info on the Gen 3 Slackline very soon but for now, keep an eye out and stay safe!

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    Might be a bit difficult as all Slacklines look very similar. The only difference I can see is the sticker on the seat tube. But hopefully it will turn up

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