10 Mountain Bike Movies To Stream During Lockdown

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We’ve put together links of 10 mountain bike movies to steam during lockdown. New skool, old school, jibs, docs and even some BMX.

Ok so we can’t get out for a proper ride, and an hour of Zwift doesn’t quite get the adrenaline going, but we’ve got the stuff your after during lockdown. 10 mountain bike movies to steam, enjoy and get pumped!


  • Where to watch: Full video below
  • Price: Free
Don’t go anywhere this is the full video!


This is just a trailer hit the link above to watch the full movie.

Won’t Back Down

  • Where to watch: Below
  • Price: Free
Watch the full movie right here.


This is just a trailer, hit the link above for the full movie.


  • Where to watch: Below
  • Price: Free
The 1995 classic is here to watch for free.

Wheel Love

  • Where to Watch: Below
  • Price: Free
When you can’t jib, watching to jib is the next best thing.


  • Where to watch: Below
  • Price: Free
Gotta love the Claw and urban camo Manitou’s

Tea and Biscuits

  • Where to Watch: Right here
  • Price: Free
Great British future classic.

Odyssey Electronical

  • Where to watch: Below, Dig BMX
  • Price: Free

Mountain Biking The Untold British Story

  • Where to watch: Below
  • Price: Free

If you know of any free mountain bike movies, or movies that are worth spending money on seeing, please share links to them in the comments below.

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