Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill Enduro Pedals

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These aren’t just a Nukeproof Horizon pedal with Sam Hill’s signature – find out below how the EWS winner helped develop the Pro Enduro pedal.

Prototype Mk2

The story behind the pedal

The Horizon Pro grew from the EWS in France 2018 when Sam Hill’s mechanic was filing the edges of the platform of the previous model away to reduce pedal strike and give more clearance. The pedal was taken back to the engineers in the UK and they got working on a new enduro specific flat pedal.

The engineers found that they couldn’t just cut the edges away because it took too much strength out of the pedal, so Nukeproof re-engineered the whole pedal to reduce the edges whilst keeping the pins in the same place, because Sam liked the feel of the pedal, just wanted more clearance.

As a result of the shape the pedals have become lighter, although that wasn’t the aim. After two years of development, Sam has been riding these for all of last season and this season, he rode on one prototype for the start of the season, they updated it to a new proto which he won on.

A closer look

Placement of the pins paired with the chassis profile have created a contoured edge to help deflect rock strikes.

The pedal body is designed to accommodate all shoe profiles and can be tailored to a grip level that suits the rider by removing the pin washers. 

They have polished tops so they don’t look worn out after a few rides and contain the same internals as the previous flat pedal, so they have plenty of spare parts without waste.

Image credit: Rupert Fowler

Available in copper, purple, red, blue, grey and black, going on sale early March.

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