Have a fiver on us.

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Yes, we want to give you £5.00. It really is almost that straight forward.

This Sunday evening everyone on our newsletter list will be sent a £5.00 discount voucher code for our curious and ever changing Singletrack Merch Shop.

Then simply pop over to the Singletrack Merch Centre, spend £20 and use your voucher code and you will find a £5.00 saving in your basket.

How to get on the newsletter list

Sign in to your Singletrack account (or register for a Singletrack account if you don’t have one). Then use the link below to sign up to our newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter before 4pm GMT Sunday 9th March 2020 to receive your voucher code. If you are already on the newsletter list, you need only keep an eye on your inbox Sunday evening.

So, what are you up to?

Running a mountainbike magazine is not easy. You see the publishing world is changing, costs are doing what they always do, and there are a couple of things that make crafting the great print magazine and free online content a little bit easier. Being able to contact you via our newsletter helps us communicate with you. And selling t-shirts, lube, books, bum cream, beer and other top notch swag helps us keep the lights on. The recent demise of the legendary Dirt Rag magazine has hit close to home. And we all agree the cycling world is better place with quality independent bike mags giving us some good mountain biking vibes to enjoy whilst we are not actually mountain biking.

Unsure what so buy with your £5.00 voucher code. Here are some ideas.

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