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Ever wondered what Danny Hart does when he’s not racing? Does he nip down to his local pub for a pint? Does he like a nice G&T in a fancy glass, or a pint of mild in the local Working Men’s Club? Maybe he keeps racing pigeons, or collects stamps? Find out here in the latest ‘Between the Races‘ video.

To be honest, we’re a little disappointed we don’t get any of these answers. We still don’t know what pets Danny keeps, or what his local boozer looks like. We do get to see him ride his home trails at Hamsterley though. If you wanted to know how he’s so good in slippery conditions, now you know.

He certainly comes across as a proper local lad, born and bred in Redcar in the North East of England. He’s recently taken up Motocross – will that be a future career for him perhaps? For now, it’s just training mixed with fun.

He was cheering on our George Thompson of Making Up The Numbers at the King of The Hill race at Hamsterley the other week. George was impressed Danny know who he was. We’re impressed Danny held it together and didn’t ask for an autograph.

If you want a much better insight into a range of downhill riders than this video gives you, check out the Making Up The Numbers Podcasts:

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