Commencal Meta TR SX | A Bike For Those That Party?

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Commencal reveals the new Meta TR SX, a bike for those ‘who want to ride harder and stronger and who think that enjoying oneself is most important’. It’s for those that want to play, not race.

Commencal Meta TR SX
That, is pretty.

Take a moment to appreciate it – we have to admit we think it looks good. While the frame remains the same, from the previous Meta TR models, it’s grown 10mm to have 140mm rear travel while keeping the 150mm fork up front. That rear travel is provided by a coil shock – perhaps this year’s emerging trend? Commencal says that shock is for ‘more liveliness and responsiveness when jumping.’

In keeping with the marketing around this bike being for playing not racing, the bike’s release is accompanied by a whole host of jump and trick based shots, plus a video filmed on the party island of Ibiza. The key tech features identified also place an emphasis on air time an jumping:

  • Shock length 55mm instead of 50mm. We go from 130mm of travel to 140mm.
  • Coil shock for more liveliness and responsiveness when jumping.
  • RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork 150mm of travel, 35mm stanchions. Low speed compression adjustment.
  • SHIMANO XT 203mm brakes front/rear with 4 pistons.
  • 12-speed transmission; robust, simple and efficient. No carbon parts.
  • The Fabric Magic saddle allows you to hold the bike well during tricks thanks to its shape. It may also help with dodgy landings.
  • Fabric grips, larger than average diameter for more comfort thanks to the flexible and comfortable strips.
  • Reinforced E13 LG1+ wheels with old-school Skinwall tyres inspired by the ABSOLUT, as is the artwork design of this model.
  • 40mm v 50mm stem featured on our other META TR. Shorter and more acute handling.
  • 29 inch wheels
Commencal Meta TR SX
This is not a race bike.

It’s for all round riding – not just groomed jump lines:

We love to go out and pedal on our days off but what we’re really after is a mega ride back down the hill too! So, we’re not talking about a race model here, just a lively responsive bike where everything has taken a step up! It’s the perfect bike for everyday riding.

Jumps, freeride, street, dirt or enduro…

Available now, the Commencal Meta TR SX will be £3,357.80 in the UK.

Commencal Meta TR SX
The face of ‘uh-oh’

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