2020 Team Rumours| Matt Simmonds 'heading in a new direction for 2020' what does this mean for Cannondale's DH Team?

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Matt Simmonds could be the next racer to announce his exit from the DH World Cup for 2020, but what will this mean for the Cannondale downhill team?

Cannondale Downhill came back with a bang last year with the ingenious dual shock bike which we spotted at Fort William, but has Cannondale had enough of DH already?

Team rider Matt Simmonds has announced that he will be “heading in a new direction for 2020” which certainly sounds like he won’t be racing downhill in the future!

Heading in a new direction for 2020 with some exciting projects, #prolinemtbcoaching is one of them. More to come 👀 #mtb #enduro #downhill #xc @mmondini_photo 📸

Matt Simmonds Instagram

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be on a Cannondale though. Could this be Matt Simmonds teasing that he might race enduro for 2020? And could be on a Cannondale Enduro bike developed off the back of the downhill program?

Whatever Cannondale’s and Matt’s plans are for 2020, we’re sure to get full details pretty soon.

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