Hope Technology Releases Microspline Hubs

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Hope Technology has started the New Year with the release of Microspline hubs designed to work with the latest Shimano 12 speed cassettes.

At the time of launching its first 12 speed drivetrains, Shimano had limited the manufacturers it would work with to supply compatible Microspline freehubs.

That original decision caused a backlash at the time with many riders reporting frustration with Shimano’s decision. We reported on the news earlier in the year and it generated so much interest that the story was one of the most read of 2019.

Luckily that frustration is now over with Shimano allowing more thrid party manufacturers to use the Microspline standard.

Happy New Year to all our followers!

We’re pleased to announced that Hope hubs and Hope wheels can now be purchased with a microspline freehub. Orders will be shipped from tomorrow.


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Hope is now offering Shimano Microspline hubs for sale and also offering Microspline Freehubs separately to anyone wanting to upgrade their current hubs to the new standard.

Riders who like their fancy hubs to be of the U.S variety will also be happy to learn that Chris King are also now able to offer Shimano Microspline hubs too.

Are you planning to make the move to Shimano 12 speed now that Hope and Chris King have compatible hubs? Let us know in the comments below.

FYI, yes we know the featured image isn’t of Hope Microspline freehubs, but it’s a great image from the Hope Factory Tour we have just been on. Watch the video here.

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