Breaking: InSync leaves Downhill Racing for 2020

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We’ve just had word that the Insync Downhill Race Team will not be entered in the 2020 UCI World Championships!

Insync will not be entering the 2020 Downhill World Champs this year it has been revealed. The breaking news was given to us today after we sent out an email to our Insync contacts requesting news on their upcoming downhill race frame; obviously, the future of this project is also put into doubt.

The statement says that a shift in focus for the company is the main decision for not entering a team this year, and that Insync’s range of UK designed budget bikes will the brand’s main project for 2020.

Here’s the statement that we received.

Avocet has decided not to enter an Insync team to next year’s UCI World Championships. The company is very grateful to Harry Molloy, Veronika Widmann, and Chris Cumming for their superb performances as Insync Racing last year. However, the company wishes to now focus investment on other core areas of the business for the foreseeable future. Our focus in 2020 is to launch our new range of affordable bikes for the family supporting our IBD network and online operations.

Avocet Spokesperson

We’re waiting to hear what Insync team members Harry Molloy, Veronika Widmann, and Chris Cumming have planned for 2020.

Keep posted for more 2020 race rumours and news as we receive it.

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    Seeing as they were riding re-badged YT bikes I think the main story is having 3 riders being left high and dry by a new CEO closing down the Mountain Biking arm of the business, talent that good will always find a home, here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

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